Lao Lai is sentenced to be in arrears in other cases

 Lao Lai is sentenced to be in arrears in other cases

The peoples Court of Gongshu District of Hangzhou made a criminal judgment on an executed person.

There are old people living in the houses that should be vacated. They put down their words, they will not move even if they die.. How?

Yesterday afternoon, two cases of refusing to perform the effective judgment were adjudicated in the peoples Court of Gongshu District, Hangzhou. Sitting in the last row of the auditorium were the executors who were in arrears in other cases invited, and they were horrified.

This is also the live broadcast of Hangzhou court is carrying out, the theme of which is concentrate on vacating houses and fight against refusal to execute.

Guard the real estate and refuse to pay the debt

She was sentenced to nine months in prison

The first case starts in 2014. My sister runs the clothing business, borrows 2 million yuan from the small loan company to turn around, and my sister is the guarantor.

If the sister fails to pay the money within the time limit, she shall bear the joint and several liability according to the guarantors need, and the burden of paying back the money falls on her sister.

The only real estate my sister can carry out is oasis garden. The judge found that there was an old couple over eighty in the house, the parents of the sisters. Several times the court concentrated on the execution, and the female judges could not bear to force them to withdraw.

The judge of Gongshu District executive board contacted her sister and went to oasis garden. From the announcement of sticking to Tengfang in 2017 to June 2018, the judge couldnt bear to detain his sister and the house was vacated. Now the real estate has been auctioned according to law. After the execution of the case, the surplus money from the auction has also been returned to my sister.

However, in the past two years, her sisters various obstructions have constituted the crime of refusing to execute the judgment. Yesterday, the court sentenced her sister to nine months in prison.

After that, the court decided another case of refusing to execute the judgment.

In both cases, some people in the last row of the auditorium were unable to sit down. After the court, they hurried to the executive judge. It turns out that they are the executors in other cases who are in arrears for various reasons. The executive judges of Gongshu court specially invited them to attend.

If Lai in the end, the defendant may be himself. So after the court, they went to talk with the judge about the implementation plan.

Low income but still trustworthy

She was praised by the judge

Gongshu court also played a recording.

An infatuated woman paid everything for her boyfriend, borrowed money, guaranteed her real estate, and later embezzled public funds. She was finally sentenced. After being released from prison, the woman came to the court and told the judge and the executor that she would not escape.

She still has more than 400000 yuan in debt. She has no special skills. When she was middle-aged, she had to start from her working sister. With the income of 3000 yuan per month, she shouldered the repayment obligation of 1500 yuan per month. For 14 months in a row, she paid the money into the court account on time every month.

In August and September this year, her payment became 1000 yuan. Later, the judge learned that in those two months, her father was seriously ill. She resigned and went home to take care of her. The money was borrowed from others and insisted on performance. She said that to do this step in life, we have lost a lot, but we cannot lose our integrity.

Zhang Xujun, director of the Executive Board of Gongshu court, said that in order to consolidate the achievements of basically solving the difficulties in implementation, establish a long-term working mechanism for implementation and create a public opinion atmosphere for enforcement, the high-pressure situation of concentrating on vacating houses and fighting against refusal of execution of Gongshu court will continue until the end of the year. Dont take chances with those who are still waiting to be implemented. There will be many tough measures. For those who perform in good faith, they should give you a capital praise.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News Author: Xiao Jing editor in charge: Hua Chengyu