Chen qingweijue: Bojun Yixiao, what kind of surprise will there be this month?

 Chen qingweijue: Bojun Yixiao, what kind of surprise will there be this month?


Of course, I often look around on the Internet. Still can see many other people did not pay attention to the content, such as Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibos only powder in the fight. All kinds of support are for Adu. It seems unlikely that the two men will be together without comparison. But in comparison, there will be many problems. In addition, black powder is making trouble. Well, we must get along well.

Tonights petition Guofeng concert, although I cant see the live broadcast. However, there are so many videos in so many places. These two big boys are really red and red. The entire site is covered with red and green lights. Thats Xiao Zhans and Wang Yibos fans. They are both the two peoples support color. Well, make sure you love each other. Dont squash with each other. This is the most painful thing.


Before, I heard that CP would be forcibly dismantled. However, there seems to be no such link in the outflow of GAGs. Is it going to be on the second petition concert? Dont mind. Ill watch it live. You have to have a strong heart so that you can stand any storm. Wei Ying and LAN Zhan of the drama version, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo in reality. In this way, its better to be fearless.

Life is like a play, play like a life. All sorts of bad things, who has heaven ever forgiven? No one wants to be a strong player, but only survival and self-worth can be reflected to the greatest extent. May not be able to reach the other shore of spring, at least in the dust out of lovely flowers. I think thats the surprise of November. What we give to ourselves and to the world, we all need to be good.


Because Im neither on the spot nor watching the live broadcast. So the GAGs are just gags, there is no coherence before and after, and the specific situation is not clear. Anyway, I heard that Xiao Zhan came to power with illness. How can you bear such a continuous rotation. Its estimated that Wang Yibo rarely has a rest. Xiao Zhans advice for the rest of his life and Wang Yibos have a jade are all in the process of shooting. Next year, both plays are scheduled to hit the air.

Its said that tomorrows petition concert is quite different from tonights. If you say, this most grand reunion is just for the most grand farewell. So, maybe tomorrow night is the time for the five families to say goodbye? Even though there are so-called petition films, they have little to do with petition itself. Just, people or those people - how to change? You are welcome.

Finally, in the Chen Qing Ling concert, I saw Bo Jun Yi Xiao again. This month, the first day of surprise. Take it, take it!