Historical data on evidence of forced labor in Korea and Japan: women aged 12-19

 Historical data on evidence of forced labor in Korea and Japan: women aged 12-19

October 30 marks the first anniversary of South Koreas Supreme Courts ruling that Japanese enterprises should pay compensation to the Korean Peninsula laborers who were forcibly recruited during World War II. So far, Japan still refuses to implement the judgment, and since July this year, it has strengthened export control over South Korea, causing trade friction and deteriorating relations between the two sides. On October 31, South Korea released relevant historical data on forced labor collection.

The national record office of the Ministry of administrative security of the Republic of Korea released a document on the labor force investigation conducted by the governors office of the Japanese colonial authority in 1940 to implement Japans forced labor plan. According to the document, in March 1940, the governors office of North Korea asked local governments to count the number of people who could suspend farming and work in other places on the basis of the labor force during the settlement of the decisive war, and specifically required that the age of men should be 20 to 45 years old and that of women 12 to 19 years old.

Lu Yingzhong, a researcher at the National Records Institute of Korea, said that the aim of designating the age of women as 12-19 years old was to recruit comfort women for the Japanese army.

According to the survey results, there are more than 1.16 million qualified workers. According to South Korean historians, in fact, about 2 million North Koreans were forced to work.

In addition, the National Records Institute of South Korea also released the list of employees of dazhipu coal mine in Japan from 1900 to 1950. It is estimated that 1896 of the 8486 people are from the Korean Peninsula, and many of them have records of trying to escape from the coal mine.

Xu Guangwu, researcher of the forced labor Peace Research Association: I think this kind of escape situation can prove that these people were forced into the past.

Source: CCTV news client editor: huachengyu