All parents: no!

 All parents: no!

A few parents are outspoken in the class group: we choose the kindergarten for our children to let them learn traditional culture and cultivate their national feelings, not to celebrate religious festivals for foreigners!

The director rejected Mr. Lis request, saying that it was a unified activity arranged by the general garden. As the director of the sub garden, she could only carry out it, and encouraged Mr. Li to overcome difficulties, activate the atmosphere, do a good job in environmental innovation, and let parents and children have a meaningful make-up dance.

Mr. Li is very helpless and always thinks this activity is absurd. Celebrating Halloween in the National School Park, a group of children and their parents dressed in strange clothes to play Cosplay on the playground with the plaster statue of Confucius. Just imagine, they all think the scene is not very harmonious.

Mr. Lis worry is not a case in point. In recent years, more and more kindergartens, early education institutions and foreign language education and training institutions have used Halloween to organize parent-child activities to expand the influence and promote enrollment.

Of course, I would like to believe that the original intention of the organizers is to give children a chance to release their own nature, so they have to work hard to plan carefully. Let the foreign festival step by step localization, gradually become the childrens hearts extremely important wonderful festival.

When my child was in the middle class of kindergarten, the teacher also organized Halloween sugar begging activities. Each child brings back a beautiful invitation letter with detailed activity flow marked on it, which requires all parents to attend at the same time.

At that time, there was also widespread and deep Tucao in the parents group. But on the day of the activity, the parents were still dressed up to be present, and creative one by one.

In contrast, Mr. Lis parents are very hard core, just dont know if they have ever been beaten by their family treasure. My husband is very opposed to childrens Halloween. He once said: who likes to participate? Anyway, lets not go. What kind of vampire should we play?

However, the child was inspired by the teacher, wearing a magic hat, wearing a big mask, carrying a pumpkin lamp, carrying a bag of lollipops, and rushed away. As his father, he can only pick up and put on a show in a hurry.

Last Halloween, our children have been in the first grade. Mister thought that the end was over. He didnt have to play all kinds of ghosts to participate in the idiot activity in the kindergarten. (Mister always thinks the masquerade is idiotic)

Halloween has invaded our lives. Whether you like it or not, there are shadows everywhere. You can see everything you do. The strange pumpkin in the shopping mall, the little devil suit pushed from the homepage of a treasure, all kinds of Halloween related parent-child activities in the circle of friends

2. Is Halloween a cultural invasion? Can we ban him from the world of children?

The annual Halloween will come again, and the curtain of Tucao has been slowly lifted, and all the heroes will shine.

The opposition:

The origin of Halloween is full of religious color. It is really stupid for Chinese people, especially children, to celebrate the festival for foreigners. This is a naked cultural invasion.

Appreciation faction:

With the diversified development of global culture, we cant lay a solid foundation in one acre and three parts of the land of our ancestors. We should open our eyes to all rivers and let our children become global small citizens.

The moderates:

Halloween is for children to play, nothing else, not on the line, dont talk too far, children happy is the king.

No matter which faction or voice, the most basic starting point does not deviate from the adherence and promotion of national culture, but the attitude towards foreign culture is different.

Let our children accept the influence of traditional festivals and their cultural connotations from their childhood, so that they can grow up with deep national feelings.

This idea is completely correct, but the core and key point should be carrying forward national culture, should be to consolidate the position of traditional festivals in childrens hearts, rather than simply asking foreign festivals to get out of childrens lives.

First of all, we should ask ourselves, why do children like Halloween?

The childrens world is not so complicated, they are innocent, like to play happily, like the interaction of novelty and fun, like to explore the mysterious unknown world.

When our adults were arguing with each other, the children were seriously modeling the pumpkin barrels and painting the masks with unique colors. We thought too much about it? Or are the children thinking too little?

Lets ask ourselves another question: is there one of our traditional festivals dedicated to childrens creation and service?

Are you serious about this parent? Is June 1 childrens day still a childs holiday? Childrens Day is not the same years childrens day.

June 1 childrens Day has been successfully promoted to childrens achievements to parents and teachers, and even the whole society. Childrens Day is actually not a holiday, but a super parents meeting.

At a time when children are in urgent need of festivals, Halloween successfully filled the space, swept the army with its simple entertainment temperament, without any additional parents assessment factors, it is a pure crazy play, which is too tempting for children who are eager for freedom.

3. Can we transform some traditional festivals to make them childlike?

Not to mention cultural invasion and religious color, but only for the two most basic playing methods: Cosplay and trickortreat.

Cosplay: I have no objection to dressing up as Spiderman, witch and other more normal roles, but some people dress up too horribly, especially let some children dress up as terrible ghosts and let people get gooseflesh at a glance. I am very disgusted.

Trick or reat: its not polite for organized activities to be able to ask for sweets when meeting people in full freedom. In addition, its not appropriate to go to the supermarket for sugar.

I also hope that some of our traditional festivals can be adjusted and transformed to have a childlike temperament and carry happiness and dreams for children.

The cultural connotation makes the traditional festivals have a golden educational opportunity, but at the same time, because of these heavy situational education and its implied social responsibility, the traditional festivals are struggling on the road of getting close to children.

We are a great country with five thousand years of splendid civilization. Why should we fear a little Halloween. So, parents, be calm, relax, sometimes its easy to choose, as long as the children are happy.

At the same time, as many parents, I sincerely hope that in the near future, our traditional festivals Laba, Lantern Festival and Chongyang Festival will be favored and sought after by children.

I hope that at that time, our children will not chase each other all over the playground and shout: trick or treat.

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Source: parents meeting? Editor in charge: Yue Minghan, nbjs9314