If you want to mix well, you dont understand these five hidden rules of doing things. The city is not deep, and you are stabbed

 If you want to mix well, you dont understand these five hidden rules of doing things. The city is not deep, and you are stabbed

[2] major and minor matters shall be reported to the leaders.

Some bosses like to authorize and often say since you are in charge, you are fully responsible and dont have to report to me.. The more leaders say that, the less you can be opinionated. Major events should be reported seriously. Small things, to understatement to report, but not to report. The report is too formal, and it seems that you havent taken on the responsibility. Therefore, when reporting the minor matters, you should say hello by the way, which not only fulfills the report procedure, but also takes the heavy as light.

Never oppose leadership in public.

Its not easy to mix up in the workplace. What leaders care most is face and authority. When you dont understand, disagree or have opinions on the leaders decisions and instructions, dont call on the spot. You think that you are out of the public heart and stand up for justice. In the eyes of leaders, this is a challenge to their authority, which makes the leaders lose their power in public. Always remember that if you hurt the leaders face in public, sooner or later the leader will find an opportunity to hurt your insides.

[4] dont complain about leaders.

Ordinary employees like to get together with their superiors and complain that their superiors are a kind of compensation mentality. People with ability are not complaining about their superiors, but trying to get their superiors to help them. This is a high-level philosophy. There is no profit in your complaining about the leaders behind you. When you work for the leader, you complain. Its like a face full of resentment to respect God, money is spent, head is kowtowed, and God is offended. No matter how good the relationship between colleagues is, they will betray in the face of interests. If you complain about the leadership, the more critical the moment is, the more bad things will spread, and it will be sooner or later to be hit.

[5] we should adhere to the principle of doing things correctly.

Its important to do the right thing. But its more important to do things right. In the workplace, there are too many honest and capable people not to be reused. There is no other reason, only burying in pulling cars, not looking up at the road, which is a fatal defect. Is it the contribution of the boss who cant see the old ox? Its not necessarily the thing that leaders want to do. You cant bring real benefits to your superiors. Your hard work is worthless. And the harder you work, the more different things are.