Inside the silence of jenke group in bitland: or involved in misappropriation of company property

 Inside the silence of jenke group in bitland: or involved in misappropriation of company property

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A core executive of bitcontinental told the interface reporter: bitcontinental is tracking down the occupation of the companys position and property by janke regiment and its team. We suspect that this is the core reason why janke regiment has kept silent since Wu Jihan sent an email to remove all the positions of janke regiment..

The interface news dialed the phone number of zhanketuan, trying to verify this, but nearly an hour of continuous dialing, zhanketuans phone has been busy.

On October 29, Wu Jihan, the founder of bitland, sent an email to the companys employees, saying that he wanted to remove all jobs of janke group in bitland.

The email said: any employee of bitcontinental shall not execute the instructions of zhanke group, and shall not attend the meeting convened by zhanke group. In case of any violation, the company shall consider to terminate the labor contract according to the seriousness of the case; in case of any damage to the companys economic interests, the company will pursue civil or criminal liabilities according to law..

After Wus email was sent out, there was a great uproar immediately, but even so, it is surprising that the janke regiment has been in a state of disappearance since the incident and has not responded to it.

The above person added: zhanke group once bought buildings and islands in Fujian Province and presented the companys property to local students and friends..

According to the public information, zhanke regiment comes from Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian. He graduated from Shandong University in 2001 and obtained a masters degree in microelectronics and solid state electronics from Institute of microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004. Later, he worked as a research and Development Engineer in Institute of information technology, Tsinghua University.

According to the 2018 Hurun rich list data, Zhan ketuan, 39 years old co-founder of bitland, ranked 95th in wealth, becoming the only person in the blockchain industry who has ranked in the top 100 wealth and the richest in the blockchain industry.

According to the previous report of interface news, due to strong differences on whether to develop the AI chip business, Wu Jihan and Zhan ketuan have peacefully separated in the first half of the year, and Wu Jihan has been far away from the operation and management of bitland.

After the separation, bitlands business is mainly focused on AI chips and mining machine chips, which are under the full control of the Jank group, and Wu Jihan is no longer involved. Wu Jihan, along with some core technicians, founded matrixport, a new company dedicated to block chain infrastructure construction, whose business includes digital currency exchange, mining pool, etc. Bitcontinental has invested in Wu Jihans new company, and Wu continues to hold shares in bitcontinental.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Zhong Qiming