Volunteers report death threats to Yuzhang academy Wu Junbao: nothing to do with me

 Volunteers report death threats to Yuzhang academy Wu Junbao: nothing to do with me

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Two years after the Yuzhang academy incident, because of the recent reports that the volunteers of Yuzhang Academy were threatened by death, and received some horror pictures, Yuzhang academy, which has been closed for nearly two years, once again became the focus of social attention. On November 1, 2019, Wu Junbao, the former head of Yuzhang academy, responded to the interface news by saying that he had never inspired anyone to threaten volunteers, and said that he was haggard in heart and that the latter had nothing to do with it.

Yuzhang academy is a private non academic education institution established on May 16, 2013, located in Qingshanhu District, Nanchang city. Two years ago, in the name of abstaining from Internet addiction, Yuzhang Academy had many problems with students, such as severe corporal punishment, imprisonment, violent training, etc., which attracted widespread attention after the incident was exposed.

On October 30, 2017, after the joint investigation of many departments in Qingshanhu District of Nanchang City, we responded that some of the problems reflected in the online post existed, and the Academy did have such behaviors and related systems as punishing stations, striking a ruler, striking a bamboo and striking a whip. In this regard, the District Bureau of education, science and sports has been ordered to punish the schools educational institutions and pursue the responsibility of the relevant responsible persons. Later, Yuzhang Academy was disqualified by the local authorities.

Two years later, on October 5, 2019, Zhihu V @ published an article titled my friend was killed by revenge because of exposure of Yuzhang academy, which made Yuzhang academy enter the public view again. On October 24, @ gentleness sent another message saying, just now, I received the death threat, he wrote: XX has committed suicide next. Its up to you.

According to @ meeknesss disclosure of death threat information on Weibo, a man named @ human cannon sent some horrific pictures, one of which was that his hands were chopped off and put into a tray, @ human cannon also said to @ meekness, Wu Junbao said this is your end.. @Gentleness says, about the matter of death threat, it has already called the police, recorded the record, got the report receipt.

According to Jinyun news report, shortly after the closing of Yuzhang Academy in 2017, @ Renjian cannon also sent a private letter threatening @ gentleness. According to the screenshot provided by gentleness, @ Renren cannon knew the city where it was located, asked for photos and specific address, and mentioned that in a place where the closed and confidential work was done very well, there was nothing to be found in the case investigation, but he was very professional Kidnapping experience.

In the event, @ gentleness was not the only volunteer who was threatened. Another volunteer, @ wee43, also posted that he had received a threat call. @Gentleness and @ wee43 are both volunteers who are still actively helping former Yuzhang college students collect evidence.

@Wee43 told the interface news that he received a threat call at 10:00 a.m. for three consecutive days. In the first threat call, the other side was a real person talking, and the second two were recorded.

The other side means that I have so much spare time, Id better run my own new company. The other side said, its been two years. We want to close the school, and the school is closed. Weve cut off peoples financial resources. We dont want to send people to prison, and we cant send them in. @Wee43 said that the other side with Nanchang accent, tone like euphemism exhortation, like a warning.

@The number of three threat calls received by wee43 is not the same, and the call back is all empty. He said that from the incident of Yuzhang academy to now, the number of harassment calls received last year was the most, even to the operation of his company at that time. The companys business could not be carried out, and later he chose to quit.

Only Yuzhang academy dare to call me so blatantly, and they have Nanchang accent. @ wee43 thinks that Wu Junbao, the former head of Yuzhang academy, is one of his doubters.

On October 24, Wu Junbao posted a message on his microblog @ Ru Shuixi, saying: Internet underworld blames. On November 1, the interface news reporter searched @ Rushui Xis user name through Weibo, and was unable to find the user.

On the afternoon of November 1, interface news contacted Wu Junbao by phone, denying that he was involved in the death threat to volunteers. He responded, its weird because Ive never, and I never, ever inspired anyone to threaten a volunteer.

Its scary to read the online threat of graft, which is easy to panic. The volunteers threatened by death have called the police, and everything is subject to the police information. Wu Junbao said that he had decided to quit everything, to remain anonymous and to stay away from the dispute between right and wrong.

On October 30, tianyancha sent a question through the official microblog, the Yuzhang academy which claimed to apply for closure in November 2017 has not been revoked up to now. In April 2019, the name of one company was changed from Yuzhang academy to tangyuanwen . In March 2019, the company is still applying for the trademark of Yuzhang academy .

@Wee43 also said that they paid attention to Tang Yuanwen last year. Last year, they planned to reopen a training institution similar to the nuns morality, because it was illegal operation, and then we reported it. He said.

According to Tianyan, this Jiangxi tangyuanwen Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. was originally called Jiangxi Yuzhang academy Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. and its name was changed on April 15, 2019. On October 12, the company changed its investors (equity). Before the change, Wu Junbao held 91.14% of the companys equity, and after the change, he no longer held the companys equity.

Wu Junbao told the interface news that the main body of the incident was the former Yuzhang academy self-cultivation school, which was cancelled in 2017 and has not been reopened. From the perspective of cultural protection, he hoped that Yuzhang academy trademark would be protected in various forms in the future to other intelligent, capable and caring institutions, never involving crisis education, hoping that other institutions could be renewed We should preserve the essence of Yu Zhang Academys history and culture and innovate its dross.

Im so tired that I have nothing to do with the rest. He said.

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