Wang Yuan is arranged to meet by his parents? Hes only 18 years old. Hes sorry for his parents

 Wang Yuan is arranged to meet by his parents? Hes only 18 years old. Hes sorry for his parents


Well, its not fake either. Its not easy to estimate peoples acceptance. Wang Yuan didnt deceive anyone, but we didnt see his other aspects of life. In reality, he is also a young man who needs to eat, drink and sleep. Is it easier to understand Wang Yuans difficulty? Everything we say and do is magnified infinitely. This kind of life is just a step by step.

After talking about smoking for the first time, Wang Yuan also revealed that he was only 18 years old, and his mother was busy arranging a blind date for him. Also very important, while making dumplings while seriously saying: Recently, I have a friends daughter how. Wang Yuan asked, what do you mean? His mother said, do you want to meet me?? Why do you need to know each other? Hes only 18. Dont make a scene! Wang Yuans mother didnt mention it later.


Is it the story of dog blood? I thought that Wang Yibo had been asked about urging marriage a few days ago. He was very speechless, saying that he was only 22 and had just reached the legal age of marriage. But not right away, right? Xiao Zhan also mentioned being urged to marry by his mother. He is more speechless, warm prompt: now fall in love, equal to unemployment ah. Well, these are all good male stars. Why, hurry to get married?

Yes, although there is a great disparity between men and women in China. Several boys equip a girl, but it doesnt need to be so exaggerated, does it? Wang Yuan is only 18 years old. Is he in a hurry to meet each other as an adult? You said, havent enjoyed the sweetness of love. This is in a hurry to meet each other, is it in a hurry to rush into the marriage hall? Of course not. Its just that parents are very anxious. Their greatest wish is to hold their grandchildren.


It must be said that this is the so-called pity for parents in the world; or, it should be pity for men and women wandering on the edge of dating and marriage.