19-year-old male star confesses desire: please respect your physiological response

 19-year-old male star confesses desire: please respect your physiological response

At 10:20, the other party came in a hurry and gasped, Im sorry, theres a traffic jam on the road.

I didnt tell him. I was stuck on the road for half an hour.

But the difference is, I went out 40 minutes earlier.

With the traffic situation in Beijing, I think its better to be on time in advance.

There are too many such situations in our life. If we just do well, the result is far from enough. If we want to have just a good result, we must ask for more.

The alarm clock is set to 7:00, and its likely that you dont get up until 7:10. If you want to score 90, youd better ask yourself by 100 points. Take out the morale of running 20 kilometers, and you can support running 10 kilometers

Slowly, I have to push myself more when I do anything.

When I was a child, I felt tired, but now I am only grateful, because I found that the gap between people is caused by pushing myself more.

Before entering the position, he directly asked, what is the biggest official?

Everyone is in a playful mood. Only he can see through the core of the program and point out that performance is very important.

Their inn should be the best performing one in the neighborhood.

The first to arrive in the kitchen, the first to make breakfast.

At the age of 19, he is a young and competitive man. He has paid 10 points for his best performance.

Although cruel, but life is lack of weight less than two.

You give it 10 cents, it will not give you just 10 cents of goods, in order to make up for the 2.5 points, you need to pay 5 points or even 10 points more effort.


Xu Yukun, a 72 year old man, said after riding most of China:

If its a ten story building, you cant even climb it. Ten floors, you take out the spirit of twenty floors, and the last ten floors are only completed.

In the past 11 years, he has ridden in 25 countries and regions alone, covering 110000 kilometers.

For the rest of an old mans life, there is this adventure life that inspires countless young people.

From playing musical instruments in college to starting a business after graduation, I have deeply realized that if you want to achieve the expected results, you always need to do more than expected.

When I first started writing public numbers, there were not many fans, but after each article was written, I repeated it over and over until I could not change it. I would like to ask myself again, can it be better?

Sometimes a theme should be written in two or three versions for friends to see and choose the one that impresses them the most.

I know that in order to achieve the best that I want, I must break through the best that I can do.

In the company, I also like employees who can give me more.

Travel together, the weather will be checked in advance, emergency medicine will be prepared;

Never asked me what do you say? but said after thinking: Ive studied this problem, I think it can be...

I think its good to show his plan at a meeting, but its not novel enough. Let him go back and think about it.

He took out the U disk and said, actually, I wrote two.

Im very satisfied with the alternative, and hes also very happy. With a sly smile, he said, always have PlanB, this is what you said, boss!

It has been my habit to keep PlanB for so many years.

It is also understood that plana and PlanB are not 1 + 1 equal to 2; they just try to ensure that the result is not less than 1.

Run for the best to get the best; if you want to get the best, you must do something superfluous.


I saw a play two days ago. The story is full of life, but the actor impressed me most.

Even in the shadow, they didnt slack off at all.

On the stage of life, most of the time, we are also actors in the shadow.

Reality does not always abide by the rule of no pains, no gains; but the more you pay, the greater the chance of harvest, which is the iron rule.

Even if we do our best, we can only live as ordinary people. We should also see that some peoples ordinary is mediocre; some peoples ordinary can not be so ordinary.

Click watching, we agreed that no matter whether there is a light to play down, just work hard to perform.

Your stage will be beautiful and solemn.