Go to mother and stay children video screen: the biggest use of a wife is to have children!

 Go to mother and stay children video screen: the biggest use of a wife is to have children!

If the default the greatest value of a woman is to have children, how terrible will marriage be?

Seeing a help on the Internet makes people speechless. The client is a female boss in a third tier city with an annual income of 3 million yuan. Usually at home, she is in charge of making money, and she is also in charge of caring for the elderly and children. Her husband does not go out to work and sleeps until three poles a day. She thought her husband was useless, and hesitated to divorce. Others cant understand: what are you hesitating about? What are you hesitating about? She answered three sentences:

I was not a virgin when I married him, but he didnt dislike me. Its hard to conceive a child after marriage. It took several years to conceive. He didnt abandon me. Other men have cheated and even have domestic violence wives, but in recent years at least he has not cheated or hit me.

I really want to ask this female boss: you dont have children for a long time after you get married, and you think you owe your husband, so does your husband have the function of pregnancy and giving birth to children? He doesnt have the function of pregnancy, why doesnt he feel indebted to you? All men have no function of giving birth to life. Why dont they have collective inferiority? And they dont have that film. That is to say, you have no membrane, and you have no function of pregnancy. The starting line is the same! At the same time, you can make money and take care of your family. And your husband, cant make money, cant support his family, is still alive. Are you grateful that he didnt abandon you? Its funny.

A survey has been launched: if a wife cant have a baby, will you divorce? A group of men came to answer. Some of them said, it depends on the reason why she cant have a baby. If its because she has made too many boyfriends before, its definitely not possible. I dont want to be a matchmaker. Some of them moved out of their ancestors: I dont have a problem myself, but my parents certainly dont agree. There are three ways of being unfilial, and no one is left behind. I cant apologize to my ancestors.

Some undisguised: I cant accept that marriage without children is a backwater. Some people play smart: its not necessary, as long as the original match is generous enough, there is always a way to get a child home. In a word, most men feel that their wives owe them at least one child. If a woman cant have children, she cant be a qualified wife. This kind of logic is like a poor man waiting for the help of the rich: if you are so rich and have the ability to buy good things, you should give me half of them, which is your obligation. The typical I am weak and I have reason. Its amazing that many women are brainwashed and default to such rules, even including female bosses with an annual income of 3 million yuan. Women who dont have children are not complete, they all said With all due respect, if a woman who doesnt have children is not complete, then no man who says such things is complete. Because they all cant have children, and they dont have brains. If we say defects, they are the double defects of body and intelligence.

Procreation is a womans right to vote for the future world, and it is her exclusive right.

Women have the right to decide whether to have children, when to have them, and with what kind of people. Men, on the other hand, have only the right to request childbirth. You asked, I agreed, so you should be grateful and try your best to bring up the child. If you ask, I dont agree with you, or I dont have the ability to meet you, then you can only admit your life, because I dont owe you anything. This principle is the same as when you go to the temple to worship Bodhisattva. u2014u2014No one has the right to accuse Bodhisattva of not realizing his wish. No woman deserves to have children with any man. Therefore, a man should cherish the woman who is willing to have children with you. She is the Bodhisattva in your life. You always owe her a kindness or even a life. At the same time, men have no right to accuse a woman who is unwilling or unable to have children. A woman who cant have children is no different from a man. If you blame her, you may as well blame yourself first. Women, on the other hand, should cherish their right to vote for the future world, and take more time to consider what kind of men have children. What kind of man is best to be eliminated as soon as possible.