Behind the scandal of American famous schools is the Chinese education you dont know

 Behind the scandal of American famous schools is the Chinese education you dont know

If there is no such a relatively fair selection system, can we go to a famous university, and has the final say of a small number of people?

Dont think its magic. Such a story happened in the United States, where we generally believe that the education system is more advanced.

But they cant let others in. After all, there are admissions tests. So they set a threshold - they have to take Greek and Latin.

These two courses are only offered in noble schools, while those ordinary public schools that have no money do not learn these two languages, so they cant be admitted.

This is the Greek test paper of Yale University

Therefore, rich people want their offspring to be rich all the time and keep their wealth firmly in their hands. The best way is to monopolize the educational resources of famous schools.

In the United States, there is a very high school called Groton high school. There are 405 students applying for Harvard University, 402 of them are admitted, and the admission rate is close to 100%. So why are three people not admitted? Because the three were physically disabled, they were not selected. This high school is full of the second generation of the rich, all of them are rich children. Harvard University has opened the red light to them.

However, the good times did not last long, and some problems soon emerged.

First of all, new rich people are constantly emerging, excluding them from the mainstream education, which is not conducive to the rule; second, the academic performance of those noble sons is really not flattering.

As a result, they cancelled the Greek and Latin examinations and carried out exam oriented education.

However, what was unexpected was that Asian Americans and Jews were so fierce that their ability to make test papers hung and beat those noble sons.

Now the elites are flustered again, thinking, this is not good. Their childrens opportunities have been taken up.

What else did they think about? It is now called quality education.

No longer one test for life, but also reference to other conditions, such as innovation ability, social ability, the ability to organize and plan extracurricular activities, sports expertise and so on.

And most importantly, tuition is expensive, hundreds of thousands of tuition fees a year. So to put it bluntly, they are trying every way to keep civilians out of the door.

Why do you say these things are so far away?

I always hear a voice that praises American education to the sky and devalues Chinese education to nothing.

How does Chinas exam oriented education destroy and strangle people? How does American quality education cultivate and cultivate people.

But in fact, this is just a prejudice due to ignorance.

The cruelty and unfairness of American education are buried under the appearance of quality.

However, the equality and opportunity of education in China have been selectively ignored by many people.


Do you remember the infamous enrollment fraud case of famous American schools this year?

Then, Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, these ordinary people who cant get into the University, open the door to you with a smile.

It doesnt matter if you are a learning scum who doesnt have a cold at all, or a sports expert who is not diligent in all aspects.

The incident involved 50 people, including a number of Hollywood stars, and singer, the core of the cheating case, once became a popular figure among many rich people.

Who is suffering? Its the civilian class who cant help but want to change their lives.

Many people may not know that in the United States, if you want to go to a top school, its really not good grades, but to meet the following conditions.

First, if you are a super rich, you can easily go to a famous school through donation, even if you are mentally retarded, you can also be admitted.

Of course, the donation threshold is also very high, at least $2.5 million to start.

Harvard University, for example, has a group called the Harvard School Resource Committee (cour), which can be pulled as long as you donate money.

Every year, more than half of Harvards sat students get full marks, but at least 336 of the 424 children of the cour group are admitted to Harvard.

Trumps son-in-law did badly in school, but his parents donated a building to Harvard University.

Second, there is a valuable recommendation letter that must be written by well-known professors, well-known entrepreneurs, or popular politicians.

Third, among the relatives are alumni who graduated from the school.

Not long ago, Harvard University conducted a background survey on 2021 freshmen. The results showed that nearly 30% of 2021 freshmen, their parents or relatives, were former Harvard alumni.

And during the interview, someone will ask you, is there any Harvard alumni in your family?

Fourth, I have rich experience in social practice, such as speaking in Congress, shaking hands with the president, or internship at Boeing headquarters.

It can be seen by the discerning that those who can meet the above conditions are not ordinary families, either rich or connected.

Think about it. If you have money to donate in China, or know someone who can go to Tsinghua University, then it should not cause great controversy and be drowned by spitting stars?

Therefore, the reason why the United States is called a capitalist country is that its class is basically fixed.

10% of the rich hold most of the wealth and resources, and it is very difficult for the poor to cross their own class.

According to relevant statistics, in Harvard University, 46.4% of the students parents are super rich second generation, the other 22.4% and 19.4% are middle-class families at least, which can be said to be a rich university.

Annette lareau, an American sociologist, spent 10 years interviewing 88 families in the United States, and focused on tracking 12 children from poor, working-class, middle-class and rich families, observing their lives in school and at home.

She found that parents of poor and working-class families generally think that children dont have to worry about anything, just give them basic support to eat and live, and let them play freely in the rest of the time.

And the families of the rich are trying their best to give their children the best education and the best extra-curricular classes.

In the same high school, the children of the rich will enter the private school, which is not only expensive in optics, but also heavy in study and strict in management.

Extra curricular classes are also the battleground for rich families.

A reporter from the New York Times once took a picture of a large number of parents on the streets of New York, braved the cold wind of minus 7 degrees Celsius, coming to line up for their children to sign up for a cram school.

There is a saying. The most terrible thing is that people who are smarter than you work harder than you.

In fact, I think whats really terrible is that people who dont have money dont work hard and still have easy education there, while people who have money crowd their heads and run hard there, so the richer the Americans will be, the poorer the poor will be.

Those who like to watch the NBA know that the only way for black stars to go to college is probably to play, which is the only way for them to cross the class.

This is a very bitter, very helpless background, if we go to understand a little bit it will make people sigh.

I have an American friend who said to me that the most direct way to distinguish the rich from the poor is to see if he has a plan to go to college. If he can apply for college without a loan, the conditions at home are basically the same.

Parents are the starting line of children, which has been fully confirmed in the United States.

When most American children are born, their fate is already doomed, and it is difficult to achieve the leap of class.


In fact, the purpose of this article is to explain the truth of Chinese education.

In terms of education equity and emphasis on education, China is undoubtedly in the forefront.

My previous work has direct contact with the University, and I know a lot about the university more than ordinary people.

For the expensive tuition fees in the United States, many of our public universities are tuition fees of several thousand yuan a year, but do you know how much the state will allocate to this student?

In the case of the university I came into contact with, the tuition fee is 5000 yuan, and the state grants nearly 20000 yuan, so the cost of your real study in this university is 25000 yuan.

I can say that all you can get into a good university is earned. The tuition you spent and the real cost you incurred in education are only a small proportion. You cant see the huge cost invested by the state in education.

So, in China, whether you have money or not, you basically believe that reading can change your destiny, and you want your children to go to college.

Therefore, Chinas college entrance examination, at least relatively speaking, is fair, and it will bring you hope.

I believe that this is a true picture of many ordinary families in China. As long as these children bear the hope of their families, as long as they work hard and hard, they will certainly have a bright future.

In 1980, a rural student took the exam three times and finally got into Peking University. He was poor and native, and could not speak Mandarin well.

But after graduation, he founded the first Chinese educational institution listed in the United States and was selected as the most influential 50 business leaders in China. He is Yu Minhong;

In 1977, a student couldnt even eat enough, but he still ran to the college entrance examination. His dream was to make Chinese farmers no longer hungry.

Later, he succeeded. Among the eight steamed buns we eat today, one comes from the wheat he cultivated. His name is Ru Zhengang.

Without these examples, dont you look at the people around you who change their destiny because of reading?

Now, many people, seeing how American children are and how rich people are, attack Chinas exam oriented education and Chinas college entrance examination system.

But I think before the diversification of education, its basic function is fairness.

With equity, we can talk about education. Without equity, we can get rid of everything.

If you observe carefully, the people who call quality education the most vicious are basically the rich.

As Liu Bo of the Shenzhen experimental school said at the two sessions, he hoped to carry out educational examination reform and quality education, but at last people found out that he was wearing an Armani.

So, why to explain the quality education in the United States and the exam oriented education in China? I hope you understand which kind of education is the real conscience of the society.

The more I know about real American education, the more Im glad I was born in China.

I am grateful for the college entrance examination, because it has achieved fairness to the greatest extent, no matter how strong the background is, no matter how hard the capital is, there is nothing to do in front of it. It only recognizes the score, and as long as the score is high enough, it can go to a famous school.

I dare not say that there is no such drawback, but at least it is equally and openly clear. Let us know that money can not dominate everything, and all efforts have direction and value.

Ten years of hard work, but there is always hope ahead - we will live better than our parents, and our next generation will live better than us.

Finally, quote a sentence that Luo Zhenyu once said:

In todays China, social stratification has not been formed, and educational stratification is still far away, so this is a great opportunity and an era of heroes. Everyone can surpass his own class by improving his cognition.

Therefore, instead of looking elsewhere, it is better to strive steadfastly. The other side of success may be far away, but further, there will be further joy.