Hu Ges party in the South Station subverts the image and performs the final pursuit

 Hu Ges party in the South Station subverts the image and performs the final pursuit

In the background record, Hu Ge said to the interview lens, I dont want my performance to stay in the stage of performance, I hope I can have more real ingredients.. In front of the camera, he was absorbed in his opponents play with GUI lunmg. He could not swim. He overcame his fear of the deep water area with his faith and awe in the performance, hiding all the fear, and finally presented the relaxed and comfortable feeling after Zhou Zenongs escape. Hu Ges precise grasp of the characters heart is transmitted to the audience through the subtle changes of the expression on his face. Through his eyes, he starts a fierce and sexy dialogue with Zhou Zenong.

Inside the play, he was sensitive and depressed. Outside the play, he was appraised by GUI lunmg: he is curious about everything around him, very naive and explosive. Hu Ge constantly breaks through the self, the expression of emotion under static state is extremely tense, and Zhou Zenong is more layered. He interprets Zhou Zenong, the bottom tragic figure, with his superb acting skills, which makes the audience cannot help but feel unfair for his fate.

In the party at the south station, Hu Ge changes his old image, his face full of stubble is full of melancholy, his clothes are covered with blood after being hit by bullets, and his whole face is buried in the mire after falling to the ground, so that the audience can feel the despair and collapse of the little people at the bottom under the pursuit of the police. Hu Ge, through constant confrontation and struggle with the world in the process of escape, perfectly conveys Zhou Zenongs extreme desire for survival to the audience, and makes the role separate from the actor and have its own life.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming, nv5736