The line is up in the air! Hao Junmin guides Li Shuai to get the ball out near the gate

 The line is up in the air! Hao Junmin guides Li Shuai to get the ball out near the gate

Luneng and Shenhua are in a state of no desire and no demand in the league, neither can they get the championship qualification through the league ranking, nor can they be demoted. Therefore, the FA Cup becomes the only way for the two teams to enter the second championship next season. In the first round, Luneng played at home, taking advantage of the time, the place and the people.

Before half-time, Luneng broke the deadlock with a penalty from Perry. As it is a two round match, both sides have chances in the rest of the game, but they are relatively conservative.

When the game goes on to the 82nd minute, Luneng gets the chance of free kick on the right side. The free kick from the right corner of Hao Junmins restricted area enters the restricted area, and the header from the front of Pelles restricted area shoots the earth. Although Li Shuai holds the ball firmly, it seems that the whole ball is on the goal line. It is a mystery whether the whole ball crosses the goal line.

When Pelle finished shooting, Luneng players all raised their hands to marezzi, thinking: the ball is in! However, Ma did not award the goal as valid, and song Xiangyun, the second assistant, did not wave a flag to remind ma. Whats more, Gu Chunhan, the video assistant referee, did not have in-depth communication with Ma riqi about the suspense of the line, nor did he give a clear slow motion replay of the ball in the broadcast picture. At present, there is no line technology in the Chinese football field.

Through the main referee, assistant referee, video assistant referee and other decisions, the ball probably did not cross the goal line as a whole.