The Expo will set up a global trade stage and establish a long-term 365 day mechanism.

 The Expo will set up a global trade stage and establish a long-term 365 day mechanism.

Looking back on the first Expo, one by one star exhibits representing the worlds highest level were made a stunning appearance. Exhibitors and purchasers had a lot of talks. A sincere order was quickly finalized in just six days. This can not help but make many experts and scholars look forward to the upcoming second China International Fair. They believe that the global chorus to be sung again in the four leaf grass - National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) will continue to present Chinas determination and confidence to further expand its opening-up to the world. The latest and best exhibits from all countries can travel freely in Chinas economic sea, and peoples pursuit of high-quality life will be met one by one.

To continue to establish a long-term mechanism, the key is to cultivate a suitable institutional environment

In the past year, the relationship between the fair and the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta has become increasingly close. In the view of many scholars, there is a natural connection between the two. The former is open to the outside world, while the latter is open to the inside. As for how to further enlarge the role of the fair in the development of regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta, the full-time vice president of Shanghai Social Federation weighed that we should consider how to form a long-term mechanism of the fair as an exhibition platform.

On the hardware side, think about how you can run it for a long time, not just for a six-day meeting. In the aspect of soft services, we should focus on how to make the accumulated opening advantages continue to play out in a short period of time, especially how to effectively connect the advantages between domestic market and foreign market. The opening effect and the market linkage effect at home and abroad brought by the fair should not be weakened gradually because of the end of the meeting period, but should truly extend the spillover effect of the fair to 365 days of the whole year.

The key to the success of the fair is to create an environment more conducive to the free flow, concentration and radiation of domestic and foreign elements. The balance points out that the institutional environment suitable for the development of the fair includes all aspects, including rule innovation, regulatory innovation, as well as rule of law innovation. Only by cultivating a good environment can the long-term mechanism of the fair really play out, further radiate the whole country, and finally meet peoples pursuit of a better quality of life.

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