Great appointment! Wu Hongbo, former UN under secretary general

 Great appointment! Wu Hongbo, former UN under secretary general

At todays regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Geng Shuang, a spokesman, announced an important news: the Chinese government decided to establish a special representative for European affairs and appointed ambassador Wu Hongbo as its first special representative.

Geng Shuang said that Ambassador Wu Hongbo is a senior diplomat who is familiar with European regional affairs. He once served as Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, assistant foreign minister and Chinese ambassador to Germany and the Philippines. Ambassador Wu will assist the Ministry of foreign affairs in coordinating European affairs, promote high-level exchanges between China and Europe, participate in important exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe in various fields, and make unremitting efforts to deepen the four major partnerships of peace, growth, reform and civilization between China and Europe.

In August 2012, Wu Hongbo (right) took office as UN deputy secretary general, shaking hands with Ban Ki Moon, then Secretary General

The governor of Changan Street noted that at present, the Chinese government has set up several special representatives, including:

Xu Jinghu, special representative of the Chinese government for African affairs, was once Chinas ambassador to Switzerland.

Liu Yuqin, special representative of the Chinese government for Latin American affairs, was once Chinas ambassador to Cuba;

Xie Zhenhua, special representative for Chinas climate change affairs, was director of the State Environmental Protection Administration and deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission.

In addition, Kong Xuanyou, Chinese ambassador to Japan, was the special representative of the Chinese government for Korean Peninsula affairs.

Wu Hongbo was born in May 1952, his ancestral home is Taian, Shandong Province. He graduated from Beijing Institute of foreign languages (now Beijing Foreign Studies University) in 1976. In the same year, he entered the Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau and began his diplomatic career.

In 1983, Wu Hongbo came to work in the Ministry of foreign affairs, successively served in the translation office, the office of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, the Chinese Representative Office of the Sino British Joint Liaison Group, the office of the special representative of the Ministry of foreign affairs in Hong Kong, etc., and served as the chief representative of the Chinese side of the Sino British Joint Liaison Group (Ambassador rank) from 1998 to 1999.

After 1999, Wu Hongbo successively served as the deputy director of the Western Europe Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs, the director of the Department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the deputy special commissioner of the office of the special commissioner to Macao. In 2003, he served as the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines.

In October 2005, Wu Hongbo returned to China and served as the director of the general office of the Ministry of foreign affairs. In 2007, he was promoted to assistant foreign minister in charge of European regional affairs, news and consular work.

In 2009, Wu Hongbo came to Europe as Chinas ambassador to Germany and three years later transferred to the United Nations.

On August 6, 2012, Wu Hongbo was sworn in as deputy secretary general at the United Nations headquarters in New York, succeeding shazukang, who left office, and became the eighth UN Deputy Secretary General in charge of economic and social affairs.

In December 2018, Wu Hongbo appeared in CCTVs opening talk column and talked about his work in the United Nations. He revealed that he successfully became the UN deputy secretary general through a series of interviews: first four deputy secretaries general interviewed for two hours, and then the then Secretary General Ban Ki Moon talked with him for another two hours.

Ban asked Wu Hongbo, do you think a good UN under secretary general is an excellent athlete or an excellent manager?

Wu Hongbo said without hesitation, of course, the manager. Take the economic and social department in charge of which he is responsible for as an example. It has the widest field of management and the most problems involved. If it is only specialized in one aspect and does not understand the management problems, it will certainly not work.

I think my answer is right, and the secretary general is satisfied, so Ill pass the test. Wu Hongbo said with a smile.

At that time, an audience asked a question of great concern: is there any salary for the work of the United Nations?

Wu Hongbos on-site decryption: of course, and you can go to the official website of the United Nations to find out. The salary standard of the under secretary general is open.

In June 2017, Wu Hongbos term at the United Nations ended, and Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin took over his post. After returning to China, Wu Hongbo was elected president of China International Public Relations Association in March 2018.

The governor of Changan Street (wechat ID: capital News) noted that in 2015, Wu Hongbo received an exclusive interview with Secretarys work magazine and talked about his own insights on learning, which was very enlightening.

Wu Hongbo data map

He said: when I left school, a teacher once told me that no matter what the teacher taught you at school, it was just a crutch. After you go out, you must throw away the crutch and learn to walk by yourself. After I came out to work, many jobs span a long time, so I have to keep learning and learn from all the people who know more than myself. I think this is a very important point.

Wu Hongbo gave an example: for example, when I was a translator, I watched how the concierge arranged the seats and received the foreign guests, which seemed to have nothing to do with me, but it really came into use later. When it comes to working in embassies abroad, all this knowledge is needed. On which side does the foreigner sit? The hero says that the hero is right, and the grandma says that the grandma is right. Im quite sure where the foreigner and the host should sit, because I know.

No matter where you go, dont think you know more than others. We should not only learn from other peoples successful experience, but also learn from their losses and failures. There are mountains outside the mountains, and there are days outside the sky. People often say that high people are in the folk. I used to chat with some comrades. I said that even the people you despised the most have their own advantages. If you learn a little about each others advantages, you will be a wonderful person. Over the years, every step is a learning process. In my opinion, the most important thing for a successful civil servant is to learn from practice, work and colleagues. If he perseveres, he will surely make some achievements. Wu Hongbo said.

Geng Shuang said today that as two important forces in the world, China and the EU have formed an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging cooperation pattern, and have important consensus and broad common interests in maintaining multilateralism and free trade, building an open world economy, etc. The establishment of a special representative of the Chinese government for European affairs will help the two sides strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation, deepen mutual trust, innovate and forge ahead, and jointly promote greater development of China EU relations in the new era.

Source: Director of Changan Street editor: Han Jiapeng Gu nn9841