Henan 1-year-old baby bitten off half face dog owner said he would raise money to see a doctor

 Henan 1-year-old baby bitten off half face dog owner said he would raise money to see a doctor

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A dog with a child biting half of his face

Half of my face was gone when I held it to me

September 28, in Huji Town, Zhoukou, Henan. The child and grandmother came to visit the neighbors house with the 13-month-old Shuoshuo. The grandmother took Shuoshuo, who was still not stable, and ate the steamed bread in one hand. Nobody expected that the tragedy happened

When she came into the yard, she didnt see the dog. The dog rushed out. Jump on the childs face and drag the child out half a meter away. When several people brought the child back together, the child was covered with blood?

02 never go back to the past

In the hospital, shushuos mother was extremely remorseful and sad: I never let you see the child. I let you see it for a while that day, and it happened. My sky fell down...

This home will never return to the past.

No matter how exquisite the medical art is, children can not have a completely identical face. The attitude of a family to their grandmother is very hard to keep a close eye on it. And grandma is also under great pressure. As for children, perhaps his life has changed because of this intention.

03 owner of the dog: my dog has never bitten anyone

The mother said that after the child was bitten, when he was sent to the hospital for the first time, the owner of the dog advanced 15000 yuan for medical expenses. However, there was no statement after that. Xiao Li got in touch with the owner of the dog at the hospital

The hushusk family was a neighbor, but this happened. For many years, the neighborhoods feelings were pale. The owner of the dog admitted that his dog was bigger, and he didnt tie a rope at that time. When Xiaoli asked why she didnt tie the rope, the owner of the dog explained: my dog didnt bite, and the child hit the dog with something

A child of one year and one month cant walk. How to beat a dog? Whats more, grandma is still dragging it? Hearing the familys query, the dogs owner no longer defends, saying that he will do his best to bear the responsibility and raise money for the child to see a doctor.

The childs parents used to work in their hometown to do the secondary processing of some printing products. When something happened, the whole family took the child to seek medical treatment with all their heart.

Next, Shuoshuo needs to undergo multiple operations to transplant the skin on his stomach to his face. Its estimated that it will cost at least 300000 yuan. The mother of the child told Xiaoli that she would also treat him by smashing pots and selling iron. The life of the child cant be so ruined

If the dog had been tethered, the accident might not have happened. Unfortunately, no if... Please dont say it again! My dog doesnt bite!

Half year old baby was suddenly picked up by the dog and bit

There was a heart wrenching accident in Wuhan before. At that time, 6-month-old Ruirui was enjoying the cool in the community square. All of a sudden, two big dogs came to Ruirui and bit her.

One of the yellow dogs took Ruirui away from his parents and ran six or seven meters away. Many warm-hearted neighborhoods rushed up to beat the vicious dog, and then took Ruirui back. Grandma Ruis arm and left face were also bitten.

May 2018, Chongqing. A bitdog tied to the door of a pet store suddenly broke free and rushed to the passing 4-year-old boy. It was kept for several minutes! When the pet shop staff came to rescue, the childs life was saved, but his right leg was seriously injured.

These fierce large dogs are the most likely to attack the baby!

Please remember what they look like

If you see a dog with the following performance, it is likely to be a sign that it will bite! Dont get close at this time! Editors note: dog owners should give their pets vaccinations in time, take protective measures before going out. Usually, please tie a rope and keep dogs civilized. Parents with children, please take care of them. No one knows when the accident will come.

Source: editor in charge of Dahe Daily: Han Jiapeng, Gu nn9841