The first day of the implementation of Beijings strictest restrictions: Beijing brands business rises with the tide

 The first day of the implementation of Beijings strictest restrictions: Beijing brands business rises with the tide

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My car can only travel 84 days a year in Beijing. Its going to be a decoration. Wang Qiong (a pseudonym), a member of the foreign brand + Beijing entry certificate group, said.

The reason why Wang Qiong expressed such emotion is that from November 1, Beijings strictest execution order began to be officially implemented. The number of days, times, areas and even parking areas where the foreign license plates can enter Beijing are clearly defined. According to the policy, each vehicle with a foreign license can only apply for a Beijing entry permit 12 times a year, and the maximum service life of the Beijing entry permit issued each time is 7 days, that is to say, foreign vehicles can only drive for 84 days at most in Beijing. This will be a great challenge for many car owners who have foreign license plates.

Today is the first day of the implementation of the new rules, a working woman Wang told the daily economic news reporter: today when I go to work, I feel that the driving to the East Third Ring Road is more smooth.

These are not the only changes brought about by the strictest restrictions. In the license plate market, the value of the license plate in Beijing is rising, and the truck models that can avoid the blue license plate on the lottery are also becoming in short supply.

The strictest restriction on execution comes to the ground

The circular on taking traffic management measures for some passenger cars (hereinafter referred to as the circular) issued in June 2018 is known as the most stringent non local vehicle restriction policy in history.

The reason why it is labeled as the strictest in history is that each foreign licensed bus can only apply for 12 entry permits a year at most, and each valid period is only 7 days at most, that is, foreign cars can only travel in Beijing for 84 days a year. The reason for such a restriction on the number of days is that the traffic environment resources in the central city and the sub center of Beijing are too limited to bear too many cars, the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau said in an interpretation.

More strictly, if the entry permit has not been applied for or has exceeded the validity period, and the urban road above the grade of branch road within the restricted traffic scope is parked, the number of days for which the entry permit can be applied for in the current year shall be deducted according to the number of parking days. If you violate the regulations, you need to pay the price of a fine of 100 yuan will be charged as 3 points.

However, reasonable and legal parking can avoid fine scoring. According to the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, vehicles without certificates will not be deducted from the number of days in Beijing no matter they are parked in their own parking spaces or in public parking lots outside the road.

However, there is a reality that most of the villages outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing are in the city, and there are few compliant parking spaces and public parking lots. Before that, many people had parked their cars on the side of the road. Huang Yu, who lives outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, said he was embarrassed.

According to the circular, the restricted area for non local vehicles will be further expanded to the whole area of Tongzhou District (excluding the main Expressway). For foreign vehicles, the paper entry permit must be clearly indicated on the lower left inside the front windshield.

How many cars will be affected by the strict restrictions on foreign vehicles? According to the data of Beijing Transportation Commission, by the end of May this year, Beijing had 6.21 million motor vehicles (including 5.19 million passenger cars), and about 1 million non local brand cars.

Where are these embarrassed foreign cars going? A used car dealer said: now we are not very willing to accept these foreign cars. It is not easy to deal with them when they go out. Unless the price is low, but the owner doesnt think its cost-effective.

If I cant, Ill have to drive home. Li Wen (pseudonym), who is also a member of the group of foreign brand + admission to Beijing, said that he might become a member of the Metro Group in the future.

It is understood that the new policy will be implemented on November 1, and the remaining 61 days in 2019 only account for this years quota, which can be understood as a buffer period. This period of time is also regarded as a wait-and-see period by many people. Wang Hao (pseudonym), an office worker living in Tongzhou District of Beijing, said helplessly: now many of us are still waiting to see if there is any space to use behind us. If not, we will not drive in Beijing, or we can only choose to rent license plates.

Price of Beijing brand rising with the tide

Ive been rocking for nearly six years, but I havent been rocking. A few years ago, after having a child, I bought a new car with Hebei brand, and now I cant drive it, so I have to find a way to rent it. Li, a Beijing resident, told the daily economic news.

One card is hard to ask is the common anxiety of all car buyers in Beijing. On October 27, the Beijing small bus Index Office announced that the total number of base numbers of the fifth phase of this year showed that 6383 individual ordinary small bus indexes will be allocated in this phase. According to the calculation, one of the 2679 ordinary passenger cars in this period is difficult to win. In addition, according to the current rules, new applicants for new energy vehicles in Beijing may wait 9 years.

With the hopelessness of winning the lottery and the approaching of the implementation of the strictest restriction on traffic for vehicles from other places in Beijing, the price of license plates in Beijing is also rising. According to a Beijing license plate intermediary staff member, at present, the rent price of Beijing license plate in one year is 23000 yuan, 17000 yuan / year in three years, 15000 yuan / year in five years, and 140000 yuan is needed for one-time 20-year lease.

With the implementation of the new regulations approaching, the price of license plates has been increased several times this year. In a word, the earlier the license is rented, the more cost-effective it is. Now more and more customers come to consult and rent the brand, and the price may rise in the future. According to the above-mentioned Beijing license plate intermediary staff, in April this year, the annual rental price of Beijing license plate was 18000 yuan, 14000 yuan / year for three years and 12000 yuan / year for five years, and 110000 yuan for 20 years in one time. Compared with April this year, the average rental price in Beijing is about 3000 yuan, and the fees charged by the license plate intermediary through the way of false marriage and changing the legal person of the company are also increased to varying degrees.

The reporter learned that the buyer needs to pay a certain amount of deposit in advance for the licensing business. The buyer and the seller sign the agreement on the use of car index leasing face to face, and then the buyer pays the balance. However, as the rental license plate belongs to the gray area of the law, there are certain risks in the transaction, and once there is a major traffic accident, it is difficult to clarify the responsibilities of both parties. However, it is not advisable to obtain the license plate by means of fake marriage, which is not recognized by the law, but also violates the public order and good customs of the society.

In addition to the price of license plates, the daily economic news reporter visited the market and learned that the truck models that can go directly to Beijing Blue brand without participating in the lottery are becoming in short supply. A salesman from an Auchan 4S store in Beijing said: the Auchan truck version x70a belongs to the nature of a truck. It can be used as a blue Beijing brand. As long as it is refitted, its appearance will be similar to that of an ordinary passenger car. It can not only be used as a substitute tool, but also avoid the trouble of shaking the sign. In addition, due to the fact that pickup models are also truck models, more and more users want to buy pickup models recently. Huang Yu also told reporters: many people around are considering buying motorcycles or pickups with less restrictions to solve daily travel problems.

It is worth noting that, according to relevant regulations, from 6:00 to 23:00 every day, no trucks are allowed to pass on the roads within the Fifth Ring Road (excluding) in Beijing, and no trucks with a load capacity of more than 8 tons (including) are allowed to pass on the main road of the fifth ring road. This means that although the appearance performance of freight car model is similar to that of ordinary passenger car, there is a big difference between them in vehicle use. However, it is illegal to convert the truck model into the passenger car model without permission, and will face many penalties.

It is believed that under the strictest restrictions on driving of Beijings non local vehicles, the registration of non local license plates by Beijings permanent residents will be effectively suppressed, the use intensity of vehicles with non local license plates within the scope of license application will also be significantly reduced, and problems such as traffic congestion and parking difficulties in Beijing may be effectively alleviated.

Women who claim to be able to handle Jingpai and Jinghu were sentenced to 10 and a half years

A woman lied that she could act as an agent in Beijing. She cheated 3 million people. The reporter learned from the Dongcheng Procuratorate of Beijing that in September 2019, the East Court was sentenced to one hundred and five thousand months in ten years and six months.