For the first time in history! Dubais Sheikh Mohammeds hard core life in the open desert

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For the first time in history! CCTV exclusive - Dubai chiefs first open hard core life in the desert (source: Netease)

November 1 is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United Arab Emirates.

Mohammad al Maktoum, vice president and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and chief of Dubai, specially invited the CCTV shooting team to enter his work and life in an all-round way for three-day follow-up.

Chieftain self driving takes reporters to visit desert and horse farm; takes helicopter to see Dubai from high altitude; visits cabinet Hall It is also the first time that the Dubai chief Mohammed has made his private residence public through the media, talked while walking, and shared his life, work and governance philosophy with CCTV reporters.

u25b3 Mohammed was interviewed by CCTV reporters in his private residence

At the first stop of shooting, CCTV reporters came to Sheikh Mohammeds desert hut. When they met for the first time, they were a little nervous. But soon, when they talked about the desert and horses, the atmosphere became more harmonious. Dont do it twice, get in the car! Lets go to the desert!

Dubai chief takes reporters self driving tour in the desert

The destination of this trip is the artificial lake lovelake built by Sheikh Mohammed in the desert. At first, it is for the animals to find their habitat. Later, it naturally becomes a good place for people to have a holiday.

You asked the chief if he was good at driving? Across the water beach, over the desert, no matter what!

Sheikh Mohammed drove and talked with CCTV reporters about his childhood.

Sleep with the scorpion

What do you think about deserts? Scorching sun? Camel? Or thirsty when you think about it?

Mohammed, Dubais chief, said he was thinking of a happy childhood and a warm bonfire. Of course, there are also small scorpions who have to sleep in the same bed with him.

When chief Mohammed was seven or eight years old, his father sent him to the tribal elders to study hunting. In the cold desert night, a warm bed is the happiest existence, but every night, he has to be woken up three or four times by a scorpion. The tribal elders put the ashes of the bonfire on his wound to help him relieve the pain and absorb the venom. Later, he learned to check the bed before going to bed, and had certain immunity to scorpion venom.

After that, he often said, not all things that hurt you are evil. Sometimes pain will teach and protect us.

For Sheikh Mohammed, the desert is rich, which teaches him the ability to survive and cultivates his perseverance and determination.

Although the people of the United Arab Emirates have built oases in the desert, the desert is still their inner softness and their Hometown.

Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai: we used to live in the desert. We are tribes from the desert. Desert is a treasure for us and the starting point of all our pursuits. At the same time, we meditate in the desert and move in the desert. Some people think the conditions in the desert are hard and dangerous. But for us, the desert is a familiar place. We see everything in the desert, learn from the desert, and we come from the desert.

Source: CCTV news client editor: Du Shuo, nb12556