Tight hoop or smart medicine? Founder of smart head ring: none of them

 Tight hoop or smart medicine? Founder of smart head ring: none of them

Recently, a picture of Zhejiang primary school students wearing a headband to prevent wandering has attracted much attention. In the picture, several primary school students are wearing a black head ring to listen to class, and there is a green LED light in front of their forehead. According to relevant media reports, this product can detect whether the children are attentive in class, whether they are distracted, and transfer the childrens attention score to the teachers mobile phone.

As soon as the news came out, there was a public outcry. Many netizens think that the product is monitoring students, shackle students, and even directly compare this picture with the American drama black mirror.

So, is this product called Fu Si and the companys brain technology behind it really, as the Internet says, used to monitor students seriousness in class? If not, what is the original intention and real application scenario of the product designed by Qiangbao technology? For this reason, we interviewed Han Bicheng, the founder of brain technology, to reveal the mystery of this product.

Whats the secret behind a small head ring?

The brain determines the learning ability of each of us. As the most important organ of human cognitive activities, the brain is also a very mysterious existence - 100 billion nerve cells and the same large number of glial cells, making it the last frontier of science.

This important and mysterious state makes us fall into polarization when we talk about the brain: its not excessive myth, its regarded as an unknowable existence, it spreads the wrong saying that human brain potential only develops 10%; its excessive simplification, ignoring its decisive power for human behavior.

In fact, the brain is neither so simple nor so complex. As the most important proposition of biology, scientists have always been committed to uncover its secrets and have made great achievements. We even found out how to improve the specific advanced cognitive ability specifically - neural feedback training.

Just as exercise is a means to increase muscle and promote health, learning based on neural feedback training can give timely feedback on the self-regulation of brain waves (success or not), form learning effect, improve or strengthen the connection and efficiency of neural circuits, and finally improve and enhance behavior and function.

Since the neural feedback training method is so amazing, what technologies and products can do this now? According to Han Bicheng, founder of brain science and technology, brain wave neurofeedback training is the only widely used neurofeedback training method in clinical practice, and relevant research has been carried out for more than 20 years. This report is based on this technology.

In the evidence-based guidance on psychological intervention for children and adolescents published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2012, we verified Han Bichengs statement. The institution regards brain wave neural feedback training as one of the interventions for ADHD, and evaluates its evidence support as level 1 (strongest). In 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) further approved a brain wave based diagnostic tool neba to assist clinical diagnosis of ADHD.

(brain wave neurofeedback training is listed as the first-line treatment for ADHD by American Academy of Pediatrics)

In addition to the United States, China has also vigorously developed brain science research in recent years, and listed it as an important part of the national 13th five year plan. Its application in the field of education has also received the attention of national leaders. In 2014, state leaders visited the school of psychology of Beijing Normal University, showing strong interest in the images and data tables of brain waves of subjects on scientific instruments. He affirmed the measures to use emerging technologies such as brain science to improve the learning effectiveness of young children and promote the reform of basic education, and encouraged education to continue to explore the scientific laws of young peoples learning and development.

Improving cognitive ability is the most important reason for technology to enter the classroom

It is a mature operation in many industries to improve cognitive ability by using brain wave neural feedback training. Since the 1990s, NASA has been using brain wave neural feedback training to improve the efficiency of astronauts. By 2013, the Obama administration had launched the innovative neural technology brain research program, aiming to find innovative ways to prevent and treat brain diseases such as Alzheimers disease.

See here, some parents may ask, why is the instrument used to treat brain diseases used in the physical and mental growth of healthy children?

According to Han Bicheng, the technical principle of Fu Si tou Huan is to improve cognitive ability by using brain wave neural feedback training, but its design purpose is not to treat brain diseases, but just an instrument to collect users brain wave, track concentration data, and quantify it, which is similar to weighing children with a weight scale.

The reason why parents have the illusion of treating the sick children is that brain science is really lack of popularization, which fails to make the public realize the significance of this work. Scientists for many organs, including the brain, are based on abnormal phenomena such as diseases, through comparison with normal state, to achieve preliminary results.

In Han Bichengs words, technology is neutral, depending on how human beings use it. Companies like brain technology hope to use this technology to help children improve their cognitive ability and inject new blood into the education industry with cutting-edge technology.

In the interview, Han Bicheng referred to three experts from MIT Media Lab, who conducted a series of research and experiments in a simulated classroom environment this year using the head ring device. A total of 48 adults were tested in the laboratory and classroom.

(photo of Research Report of mitmedia lab: mitmedia Lab)

The statistical results show that the neural feedback based on the head ring transfers the participants attention to the task at hand and improves the participants performance in the comprehension test.

At present, many schools around the world have begun to cooperate with brain science and technology to improve the quality of teachers and teaching by using the head ring in classroom settings, such as Nikolay middle school, lighthouse school, Catholic Memorial School, Cambridge School of Weston, and somoseduca?? o in Latin America. These schools generally also give positive feedback.

(North American school; image source: brain Technology)

Take the example of the Catholic Memorial School in North America. School teachers found that after using the head ring, in the eighth grade (grade two) English class taught by the same teacher, the star (American standardized reading test) performance of the class using the head ring was significantly ahead. In the one semester follow-up test, students with higher average concentration perform better in star evaluation.

In addition to the obvious improvement of performance, Fu Si tou Huan also helps teachers in this school improve their ability and strategies to improve students participation in the classroom, and finally let students train their ability of concentration.

For American children and education industry, Fu Si tou Huan is undoubtedly a new experience. In the past few decades, many children have to take ADHD drugs like adderall to improve their attention to cope with learning, which has a great impact on their health. As a non-invasive device, the thought head ring only quantifies childrens attention and feeds back the learning situation to the teacher, thus obtaining the human intervention of the teacher, which has little impact on the body.

Focus on the improvement of teaching effect and refuse to be the curse of monitoring privacy

In the 2013 Ted speech, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, said: in the career of many teachers, they can only get one digital feedback every year, which is satisfaction . They dont get feedback and training from other systems to help them do their jobs better. Unfortunately, they have one of the most important jobs in the world.

For centuries, educators have repeatedly improved themselves, such as the content of courses and teaching methods. However, education is not the result that can be achieved unilaterally. It needs the cooperation of teaching and learning. What strong brain technology does is to improve the cognitive performance of students from the perspective of biology and engineering.

According to Han Bicheng, through understanding the average concentration of students in the classroom, the teacher can find out what students are not interested in in time, adjust the teaching content and teaching method after class, help teachers find the correct way to attract students attention, and at the same time, teachers can fill in the gaps through data, improve the teaching syllabus and teaching rhythm, and make classroom changes. To be more interesting, to help students absorb knowledge better and learn happily at the same time. The tight hoop curse in the eyes of the public is actually the secret weapon for students to say goodbye to boring classes.

Mr. James Ryan, former dean of Harvard Universitys School of education and consultant of brain technology, agreed with this statement and put forward his own view: the technology that brain technology is developing can make teachers understand information deeply and guide them to teach in different ways. This is the real frontier and the most promising application of science and technology.

(school in Latin America; photo source: brain Technology)

Han Bicheng also gave a detailed answer to the privacy and monitoring questions that the public cared about. He believed that with the progress of science and technology, the publics attention to privacy is increasing day by day, which is a good thing. However, the products of brain Technology (including head ring hardware, mobile phone and computer software) highly respect and protect the data privacy of users. All data extracted during the use of the product shall comply with the EU gdpr commercial data use specification. This is the most stringent privacy protection act in the world.

Secondly, the product of Fu Si tou Huan cant realize the function of controlling users thoughts and behaviors. The hardware function of the head ring can only passively read the EEG signal of the wearer, and can not produce active stimulation and influence on the wearers brain. These data are of limited use beyond the function of detecting and improving concentration.

Finally, the radiation intensity of the product is low, and it has passed the FCC certification. The product signal is transmitted through WiFi, and its signal radiation intensity is far weaker than that of mobile phone.

(photo source: brain Technology)

Han Bicheng said that as a cutting-edge technology company, the core values of brain science and technology go beyond technology itself - Science and technology is good, and it has also been benefiting the disabled and the autistic groups in the way of corporate social responsibility, so that the public can see the potential of brain science.

In Hunan Satellite TVs I am the future program, Ni mincheng, a Paralympic athlete who lost his arms at the age of 10, shook hands for the first time in 27 years by wearing a smart artificial hand developed by brain technology, and personally picked up a brush to write I am the future.

This is science, not metaphysics. Science can be misunderstood. But we believe that science can benefit mankind as long as we continue to do what we are sure can help others and tell more about our original intention and vision to the outside world.

Source: editor in charge of economic observation network: Du Shuo, nb12556