A woman in Shanghai was detained for borrowing money from her friend as a dead daughter

 A woman in Shanghai was detained for borrowing money from her friend as a dead daughter

Beijing News: a woman pretends to be her daughter who has been dead for two years, borrows 1.4 million yuan from her daughters friends through wechat and squanders it. Today (November 1), a reporter from the Beijing News learned from Shanghai Qingpu police that at present, the suspect park has been detained for fraud according to law.

The interrogation plan of woman park. Police map

According to the police in charge of the case, Mr. Guo met a woman named Fang in 2014, and the two often exchanged working capital through wechat. But there has been no connection between the two since 2015. From June 2018, Mr. Guo suddenly received a wechat from Mr. Fang. After two people exchanged greetings, Mr. Fang began to borrow money from Mr. Guo.

Because of the previous partnership, Mr Guo did not doubt it. In the past year, through wechat, we have borrowed more than 1.4 million yuan to Fang. Since then, Mr. Guo has repeatedly asked Fang for repayment, but none of them has been successful.

Guo, who is suspicious, said that he could lend money to Fang in person and ask him to meet him. Unexpectedly, after meeting, Mr. Guo found that the person who came here was not Fang Mou, who had met before, but a woman in her 50s. Mr. Guo called the police immediately.

Police rushed to the scene to bring the middle-aged woman back to the police station for questioning. It turns out that this woman is park Mou, Fang Mous mother. Fang died of a sudden illness in 2017. When checking his daughters wechat, park found that Mr. Guo had good economic conditions and liked his daughter, so he pretended to borrow money from his daughter. More than 1.4 million yuan borrowed has been wasted by park.

At present, the suspect has been detained by Qingpu police for fraud.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Zhang Jingya editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556