Overzealous? To call on a kindergarten in Sweden to start the experiment of all vegetarianism

 Overzealous? To call on a kindergarten in Sweden to start the experiment of all vegetarianism

As part of the experiment, the Swedish municipal child care center will remove all meat dishes from the daily menu of young children, saying this will make our planet a better place.

In less than two weeks, gitarren kindergarten in the northeastern Swedish city of Mayo will be the first public child care center in the city to be completely meat free. The decision is part of a large environmental project that the child care center has been working on for more than a year.

The most controversial part of the experiment is that it doesnt offer opportunities for children who really want to eat some meat for breakfast or lunch, or even for snacks.

Anyone who wants to be vegetarian now needs to make a special request when eating, and we decided to use the opposite now, explained Marcus, a kindergarten teacher But a municipal catering provider told them it couldnt be arranged, so kindergartens were forced to completely remove meat from the menu without looking for a more flexible solution.

They even invited a nutritionist to scientifically prove that children can get all the nutrients they need from vegetables. However, according to local media, one day, some dairy products will be included in the diet plan, such as milk, cheese or butter, as well as eggs and fish.

The experiment will last until January, when its results will be evaluated. But kindergartens hope that the new rules will be implemented after that. We believe and hope that this will be permanent, Marcus said, acknowledging that its a bit extreme to solve this problem immediately and that everything should be properly evaluated first. He claimed that the move received a positive response from parents and that the children themselves seemed very interested..

The kindergarten stressed that the move had nothing to do with the current political environment. We want to be clear that there is no political significance. We do it because we believe it has a positive impact on the climate.

Unlike their parents, netizens said they didnt understand the kindergarten initiative, which many characterized as alarmist (threatening) childrens health due to climate change, while others just doubted whether it would have such a positive impact on the environment as they hoped.

The move has also sparked heated discussions in some Swedish media, with comments in Swedish newspapers giving mixed reviews.

Swedish schools are not the first to come up with this idea. Previously, it was reported that schools in the UK and France implemented stricter vegetarianism by completely banning meat and fish, and even banning children from taking their own boxed lunch. The aim, of course, is to fight global climate change.

Source: global network editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556