It is not too late to clarify these matters and talk about womens rights.

 It is not too late to clarify these matters and talk about womens rights.

When Li Jiaqi agitated that love should be equal, you should buy 300 lipsticks, and your husband should also have a set of skin care products.

The comments below are all like this:

He doesnt deserve it. Unwanted. He really doesnt deserve it. He only matches the rest of me.

After 10 minutes of product introduction, only 1200 pieces were sold.

Later, Li Jiaqi took out a washing liquid, and commented that the painting style turned into: this can be sent to her husband. Buy laundry for my husband.

Some people interpret this as Waterloo in the history of Li Jiaqis carrying goods. I think its overblown.

Most of the female fans in the comment area are just for fun. If you change to an acquaintance in your life, you may also be able to smell the elements of flirting.

But it can become a joke that spreads through wechat group and friends circle, which also shows that it conforms to everyones potential cognition of the relationship between men and women.

Just like showing loyalty at weddings, men usually say that they give their bank cards to their wives after marriage. This practice just shows that it is still common for men to hold economic power in reality.

It reminds me of another thing.

A friend said this:

Im a feminist. I always have a point of view that a husband should buy a bag of cosmetics for his wife, which is very reasonable. I sacrificed my work for him. I gave birth to children and brought them. After so much suffering, he should compensate me.

A tone like this is very typical. But I didnt feel it when I saw it. It is much more serious than the half true and half false venting in Li Jiaqis comment area.

Similar views are not about womens rights at all: because women sell their wombs and suffer, they should exchange for mens wealth and favor. This is compensation for women.

If you dont realize the danger of this logic, you can replace it with a male one: conversely, men can buy Womens reproductive rights through wealth and love.

Its not too much of a feminist claim as an extension of male power.

What is real feminism about this topic?

Of course, women can choose to have a baby because of love or responsibility, but its not in the way of pressure or seeking some kind of compensation.

Equality between men and women means that as a woman, like men, you can choose to or not to. For every important decision in life, women can communicate and deal with it in their own way. Of course, you can buy bags and cosmetics, or I can buy them myself.

Thats what equal rights are meant to be. So whats the problem?

The crux is that women are far less free in reality.

Take childbirth for example. Many women are not ready.

At this time, the elders at home will urge you to get married for several years. How come you havent had a baby yet? Is there something wrong with your health? Social pressure will also come over. My classmates and colleagues are talking about children all day. Am I alienated when I cant get in my mouth? The husband may also kick the foot extra. Youre not busy at work and dont earn much. Isnt the balance between life and work good at all?

As a personal choice, theres nothing wrong with that. But seriously, dont put a feminist cap on this deal..

When discussing womens rights, many people are fundamentally wrong.

Im a man and an egalitarian. We often talk about womens peace and equal rights, and boast that we can hold the middle of the argument, but there will always be women jumping out every three to five comments, you are male, you are washing the floor for men.

At the beginning, I was puzzled, and later I understood that womens rights are to realize the freedom of womens choice, the change of circumstances, and the equality of rights based on the many injustices in reality. This is essentially a kind of right practice, which ultimately hopes that both men and women can be more free and equal.

However, some women want to compensate for the unfairness based on the reality through consumption, pampering and appeasement. In the end, it is a kind of interest demand, and I hope I can live a better life, even if the way is not equal, or even male dominated. There are too many problems in male power, but once the women who hold these ideas turn around, what they want is not equal power, but new hegemony of women.

Dont think that womens new hegemony will turn over and get rid of their anger. Its all about masturbation. In todays patriarchy is still strong, this unreasonable demand will be stigmatized and put on the hat of Chinese rural womens rights, leading to the real demand for womens rights can not be extended and fulfilled.

Kong Yu and Zheng Youmei starred in melting pot and Busan trip, the new work is called Jin Zhiying born in 82.

After the movie was released, on the Korean website, women scored 9.45, while men only scored 1.71.

Obviously, such a huge difference must not be due to the film quality, but to the theme itself.

I have read the original novel written by Zhao Nanzhu. It is not so much a novel as a story about how many injustices a woman will encounter in her life in Korean society with the clue of Jin Zhiying.

Just a few examples.

In a patriarchal Korean family, once a girl is born, she has to give way to her brother and brother for food and clothing. Its usually a younger brother, because after the birth of a boy, a lot of family goals have been achieved, and there will be no more children.

After going to school, all schools are male students who first arrange their school number, and then turn to female students. On the ID card, men always start with 1, while girls start with 2. Is this a big deal? It must not be big. But when all such details are arranged in this way, we will understand that this general acquiescence indicates a greater danger.

Like many girls, Jin Zhiying grew up with such an education: girls should be careful in everything, behave well, dress conservatively, dont go around dangerous places in dangerous time, or be harassed or even raped, because you dont know how to avoid it.

After work, Kim worked hard to balance work and family. The companys president also knows that, like many other presidents, he does not raise welfare for female employees, but only limits their positions for them. If you cant make it because youre a woman, Ill hire a man who can make it.

As you may have guessed, women are so hard-working that they cant be considerate when they come home. Family members, men and women alike, live in a huge male dominated mindset.

You should do all these housework. Who makes you a wife, a mother or a woman? As for men, as long as they can support their families without cheating, its very good.

But depression and all kinds of problems never give way to women.

This is the reason why Kim is such a sensation: in the still conservative East Asian society, almost every woman is Kim.

Whats more, when the news of the novels publication and the films opening came out, a lot of men jumped and asked to be banned. They asked, how can a rubbish book be made into a movie? There were also petitions to prevent the film from being made because it would exacerbate gender conflicts and be detrimental to social development.

Come on, the gender conflict is so fierce, is it for you to benefit while being ostrich?

I know that many of the women who feel the same way here have been indignant for a long time.

I dont mean to wash the floor or cover for male power. I also think that those men who want to kill Kim and deny that Kim is a universal reality are full of stink.

However, to improve the situation of Jin Zhiying, we should not rely on anger and abuse, nor on pushing men to the opposite side of women, only by clarifying the goal of equal rights.

When we oppose male power, we should let men and women subordinate to it know that what we want is not selfishness, not the reversal of gender hegemony, but to win back the equality and freedom that women should have.

Like men, women should enjoy equal treatment and have the right to choose in all occasions of growth and life.

Thats it.

Feminism is that I can say no if I dont want to get married and have a baby. I can express that I want to work or resign. It is that I can live as I feel good, and dont need to live in the eyes of others. If there are differences with men, they can be solved through communication, rather than forced by gender differences.

Others will say that the most important thing for womens rights is economic independence, and they can buy whatever they want. Thats right. But it needs to be added that economic independence is very important, but women who have not yet achieved economic independence should also have their own equal rights. There is no distinction between the high and the low, and they should be equal, which is the meaning of the topic of equal rights.

There is no doubt that today is still an era of serious gender inequality. So its important for men to pay more attention to gender issues and understand the difficulties of women.

But this kind of concern can not rely on righteous indignation or selfishness, but on more equal claims and more equal practices.

Just like Kim is not to shout men die, but to tell you how important and necessary it is for women to pursue equality in such a specific reality.

Know what you are against and what you stand for, do not waver in your position, and do not divide everyone into your own enemies, so that gender equality does not deviate from the channel.

Real problems are often complex, real rights are often difficult, but step by step, we will always be closer to the sun.

Its not too late to find out these things before we talk about womens rights.

And all friends willing to work for equal rights.