After 12 years of sexual assault by her father, she split up 2500 personalities and finally succeeded in revenge.

 After 12 years of sexual assault by her father, she split up 2500 personalities and finally succeeded in revenge.

In a recent BBC report, a more appalling case is presented:

A girl who was raped and abused by her father when she was a child split 2500 different personalities and finally stood in court and charged her father with the six split personalities!

Behind the true story, which is as dramatic as the movie, is the pain I cant imagine.

The girls name is Jenny Haynes.

She had been abused by her father Richard Haynes since she was four, and it didnt end until she was 11. No other family members knew about it.

My fathers abuse was calculated and planned. Its all intentional, and he enjoys every minute of it. He heard me begging him to stop, he heard me crying, he saw the pain and fear he had inflicted on me, he saw the blood and the physical injuries he had caused. Then the next day, he chose to do it again.

She was also threatened by her father, who would kill her mother, her brothers and sisters, let alone tell them what happened if she thought about the abuse.

u25b3 Jenny (right) and her father

Living under such extreme oppression and fear, Jenny adopted an unusual way to escape:

The first person to be separated is senfanny, a four-year-old girl.

She suffered every minute of his fathers abuse. When he abused me, his daughter Jenny, he was actually bullying Simone.

Gradually, senfani created other personalities by herself, and then gradually developed hundreds of them, and each of them has a specific role to resist different forms of abuse: sometimes its particularly terrible beating, sometimes its some kind of violence inducing picture and atmosphere.

To survive, Jenny said, she eventually created more than 2500 different personalities.

u25b3 Jennys separated personalities

According to Australian police, this is one of the worst cases of child abuse in the countrys history.

Now, Jenny is 49 years old, her eyesight is damaged, and her jaw, intestines, anus and tailbone are damaged irreparably. All her life, she had to go through all kinds of surgery and psychotherapy.

Jenny has studied all her life and got her masters and doctors degrees in law and philosophy, but its hard for her to work full-time.

Today, she lives with her mother, both of whom depend on claims for relief money.

Jenny said that the split personality saved her life and soul, but at the same time, the disease and the deep wounds in her heart also brought great pain to her.

u25b3 Jenny Haynes

She sent her father to prison

In March, Jenny stood in the witness stand opposite her father.

At the time, Richard Haynes faced 367 charges, including rape, theft, assault and sexual intercourse with children under the age of 10.

Jenny was allowed to testify in court as Stephanie and five other personalities to provide detailed evidence for each crime.

u25b3 Jenny Haynes

Jenny explained to the BBC:

As a schizophrenic, my memories are still as intact as they were when they first happened. Our memories are sealed in the past time, and if I need to, I can take them out.

The memories of childhood that might have been forgotten due to traumatic experience have been preserved by different personalities, so that they can be proved one by one in court.

To this end, the prosecution arranged a lot of psychologists and separated personality experts to witness Jennys condition and assess the credibility of Jennys testimony.

Senfani recalled in court the painful details she had suffered in those seven years.

Most of the time, its a senfani personality

And another personality, called muscle, a tall, muscular looking man in clothes, provides evidence of violence; and Linda, an elegant young girl, demonstrates the impact Jenny has had on school and relationships.

On the second day of the trial, about two and a half hours after Stephanies testimony, Richard Haines changed his mind and pleaded guilty to 25 charges. In addition, there are dozens of other cases, which ultimately constitute his sentence and sentencing.

Ten years have passed since Jenny first reported the case to the police in 2009.

On 6 September, Richard Haynes, now 74, was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

u25b3 Richard Haynes

The significance of this decision is of great importance.

Dr Cathy kezelman, chairman of the blue knot foundation, an Australian child victims help group, said:

This is a landmark case, because as far as we know, this is the first time that a court system has directly adopted the evidence of different personalities of a person with split personality, so as to complete the ruling.

Nowadays, as an evidence-based diagnosis, personality split has been widely accepted. However, there are still some questions about this kind of psychosis in the public and even in some medical circles.

Thats why Jennys case is so important because it evokes a broader public awareness. Its a tricky but not uncommon situation, and its still not fully realized.

The dispute of multiple personalities

Back to the original question: what is multi personality?

Does this mean it really exists?

The name of multiple personality science is dissociative identity disorder (hereinafter referred to as did), which was listed in the American psychiatric diagnostic standard in 1980.

Figure /Imugr

There are two models about the cause of did.

The one who holds this view holds that after experiencing severe abuse or traumatic time, individuals split their subjective experience into different personalities to avoid emotional pain and trauma.

Did is a little girl imagines her abuse as if it happened to someone else..


Did is really a survival strategy, said Dr PAM stavropoulos, an expert on childhood trauma

Its a very advanced adaptive strategy and is widely regarded as an extreme strategy. However, you have to remember that its a childs response to the extreme abuse and creativity he or she has experienced.

The earlier the trauma comes and the more severe the abuse is, the more likely the child is to rely on personality separation to deal with it, leading to this multiple self-state.

However, when discussing did, the controversy is unavoidable.

For example, the famous case of hibell, whose diagnosis rate has greatly increased, was later found that there are a lot of false details in the case description:

In fact, the client never had multiple separation symptoms before receiving treatment, while her psychiatrist encouraged her to explore her multiple personality, and insisted that she had suffered from childhood trauma, but in fact, the family background of the client was quite common and had not been abused.

According to the records, hibell split up 16 personalities under the abuse of his mother,

After venting his pent up anger to his mother,

16 personalities merge into a whole personality

Picture / Eve on three sides

So there is another social cognitive model to explain this.

According to social cognitive model, peoples oral narration of their childhood trauma and the diagnosis of did are the result of peoples over exaggeration of some cognitive errors and amnesia symptoms under the influence of fantasy tendency and media.

Facing some psychological phenomena (such as emotional fluctuation, violent emotional change, etc.), individuals can not explain, and they come into contact with the concept of multiple personality from the media, so they attribute the psychological changes that are difficult to explain to different personalities.

Picture / split

In Jennys case, the court testimony of her so-called other personality is accepted, and the court should adopt more credibility of the testimony itself than recognition of the existence of personality.

No matter whether there is a did or not, how much controversy there is, the phenomenon of did and the fact being discussed are indisputable circumstantial evidence of the bad consequences of child sexual assault.

Written in the end

It leads to common mental injury consequences, including depression, traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, complex post-traumatic stress disorder and other serious mental disorders, and continues to affect the life of the victims as adults. The impact of sexual abuse by family members, especially parents, is more long-term and far-reaching.

Picture / letter story

Unfortunately, most child sexual abuse occurs among family members:

30% of the victims were relatives of the victims, such as brothers, fathers, uncles or cousins; the remaining 60% were family friends, acquaintances or neighbors; only 10% were complete strangers.

In addition to the above serious mental disorders, sexual abuse in childhood may also lead to eating disorders, low self-esteem, sleep disorders, etc.

Because of the serious consequences, we should crack down on crimes against children.

Dont let them despair of the world before they see it.

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Ke Han

Postdoctoral researcher in psychology, Nanyang University of technology, feminist.