Dont let a wrong relationship ruin your own happy life

 Dont let a wrong relationship ruin your own happy life

In this life, in fact, there are not many things that can affect peoples life, but feelings must be one of them. Moreover, many times, even if you finally bravely end a period of feelings that bring you pain, you may not be able to recover for the rest of your life, and your heart may have incurable wounds, which will be left to yourself.

Emotion, in the final analysis, is a kind of fate, which has both subjective and artificial elements, but also an objective and accidental coincidence - when you invest in a feeling, you never know what kind of outcome it will bring to your life.

Feelings are the combination of two people, so in the face of feelings, at least be clear: no matter how excellent, hard-working and perfect you are, you cant guarantee that the feelings are happy - whats more, who is absolutely excellent and perfect.

When the feelings are hurt, when the feelings become unfortunate, your current feeling is the best answer and proof. At this time, it doesnt matter what the reason is - unhappiness is unhappiness, sometimes there is no specific reason at all; unhappiness is unhappiness, sometimes its really not your problem.

However, unhappy feelings or marriage, the physical and mental harm to people, is deep and heavy. How many people, because of an unhappy relationship, destroyed the life that should have been happy.

Why can a relationship ruin a persons life

You can think that God is unfair, deliberately difficult for themselves, deliberately set such a sad fate for themselves;

You can also blame the person who hurt you and brought you unhappiness, which may be true.

The question is, if this attribution is reasonable, will your pain end? Will your life be happy?

Of course not.

So, if you are willing to fight for the happiness of the rest of your life, the key lies in yourself.

Yes, love and marriage are probably the longest relationships in our lives. There is almost no other relationship. It is impossible to be relaxed and unimpeded in the face of emotional misfortune. You are in pain, you are hard to leave, these are understandable. Just, of course, you dont want to live your life, so you have been sinking.

In the face of unfortunate marriage and feelings, we should first learn to let go.

If you hurt yourself, let it go, and the harm will be minimized. In other words, the more you value, the more you can control your life and destiny.

The so-called drop is not to forget, not to give up - but to learn not to care, to see.

In the face of unfortunate marriage and feelings, the second is to learn to withdraw.

Take yourself out of this relationship, put your time, energy, attention, etc. into other things besides marriage and feelings, and get your sense of existence, values and happiness through other efforts.

There are many sources of happiness in life, such as the longevity of parents, the success of children, the success of career, interpersonal harmony and so on. Even if you live alone, you can also have some hobbies, and get enough satisfaction to let your life grow old gracefully.

In fact, life is rich and colorful, but many times, because we dont have enough understanding or some obsession, we force ourselves to a dead end.

Only when you think about it, can you see it; only when you see it, can you have a chance to see the wonderful of another person in your life.

Life will be difficult for a person, but this kind of difficulty must be temporary; if you can never be happy in your life, it must not be the sin of life, but your own ignorance.