Dont listen to the passers-by. The three working surfaces are beautiful and the back is bitter. The longer the time is, the worse it will be

 Dont listen to the passers-by. The three working surfaces are beautiful and the back is bitter. The longer the time is, the worse it will be

The problem is that many nurses now have labor dispatch system. There is no official establishment of the hospital. There is no prospect for career development, and the salary is very low. They are often scolded or beaten, which is not directly proportional to the bitterness they pay.

[2] bank teller.

The work place is downtown, the work building is tall, the uniform is very beautiful, the outsiders feel very decent, and get a salary of 25000. Everyone said that the financial industry deals with money and the salary and bonus are not bad. Bank statements are published every year, with an average annual salary of several hundred thousand yuan.

Bank tellers, laymen think beautiful scenery, in fact, they are very hard. It seems that it will be closed at 4 or 5 p.m., and the daily reconciliation will arrive at 7 or 8 or even 8 or 9 p.m. Its a day to go to work. I cant take my cell phone with me. Theres something at home that I cant do at all. Every day, we will check and deduct money whenever we can. We also have various indicators to promote credit card, etc and storage.

Most importantly, the development channel of bank tellers is very narrow. How many people can stand out and rise to management. Many tellers have worked hard all their lives. They have a feeling that they are getting worse and worse. They also face the occupational risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence. If it is the teller of labor dispatch system, there is no prospect of development.

[3] real estate agency.

There are also beauties in the sales office, who are well dressed and have a beautiful image. They recommend houses to others every day. At night, they go home to live in the basement and eat instant noodles. Although the commission system is attractive, there is no income without performance. I want to earn a lot of money every day. Where can I have one?

This profession, all eats the youth meal, arrived nearly 30 years old, the old arm old leg climbed not to move the building. There are a few people who can be top sellers. Most beauties are just transitional occupations. When they are old, they cant find good jobs.

To sum up, the above does not mean that these occupations cannot be done, but calls for the society to pay more attention to these groups. Of course, behind every career, there are their own ups and downs, and there is no job in the workplace. As long as we work hard, work hard and eat by work, we are all worthy of respect. Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and happiness. We call on everyone to pay attention to these hard-working groups, improve their income and reduce their labor intensity. Do you agree? Welcome to exchange.