Rally call for Chaoren basketball

 Rally call for Chaoren basketball

Violent block, defensive iron man under the backboard!

C large special value panel

With a height of 199cm, da you is born with the advantage of being a center. Up to 54 caps, giving him a strong ability to block the basket, easy to bring a hot pot for the opponent. Excellent physical confrontation, but also in the basket to establish a solid defense. Dayus outburst of technical violence can give a strong cover from any aspect when the opponent is attacking, which is worthy of being a defensive iron man. Meet Dayu on the court, but be careful to be fanned!

Do you want to come to the hot market and feel the nightmare like oppression on the market? After Thursdays update, see you! IOS users can go to the app store to search Chaoren basketball to download the game! Android players can go to Chaoren basketball official website to download! Follow the official wechat of Chaoren basketball mobile game (chaolan 163), get the first-hand information from the cement court!

About Chaoren basketball

Pure competition, real street ball! Chaoren basketball, the first basketball game of Netease, focuses on 3v3 real-time confrontation, with multiple playing methods such as qualifying, passion solo, etc! No plug-in pure operation, create a green and fair competitive environment; beautiful personality, changeable trendsetter players are your choice; one key explosive technology, perform highlight time; the first 4 + 1 button, infinite possibilities of attack and defense routines! Competition customization, enjoy the passion of competition!

Official website of Chaoren basketball mobile game: http://chao.163.com

Chaoren basketball official microblog: @ Chaoren basketball Mobile

Chaoren basketball official wechat: Chaoren basketball game (chaolan163)

Official Q group of Chaoren basketball: 877674284 (five groups - hot new), 703073046 (four groups), 688030101 (three groups are full), 649663090 (two groups are full), 608465078 (one group is full)