Night of battle in front of Fortress

 Night of battle in front of Fortress

And the explorers who complete the related tasks in Fortress front can also complete the decisive battle! In the safe Beijing, you can get the good gifts such as the linked head picture frame, the skin of Cherry Blossom linked hall, and the skin of random Shishen collection. As long as the explorers complete a simple daily task and collect the items of the Bodhidharma, they can exchange them for the items of the eternal peaceful Beijing style divine history poetry level weapons.

In the fortress front line game mall, explorers can also buy jiutun Boy Gift Bag (male) or yaodaoji gift bag (female), incarnating cool Shishen, fighting for victory. In addition, explorers can send blessings to the event in the interactive blessing activity interface of Fortress front, and draw appearance rewards such as judges pen, white wolf bow and fox mask.

These rich gifts make fortress front and decisive battle! Ping An Jing: the two time and space are interlaced. Countless explorers and great Yin and Yang masters are involved in the two games, feeling different pleasure of the game!

At 21:00 p.m. on November 1, the night of the decisive battle of the joint event will officially start in CC Live Room 5915945! In this event, four all stars of OPL, black, lux.ciri, lux.eureka and xrock.xiaonan, were invited to fight against cangsheng, orange, HaoChen and warm sun. In order to make many explorers feel the hot atmosphere on site, the two gold medal anchor guns and Tian Yuan of Fortress front will also explain the details of the event in the whole process, so that explorers do not miss every wonderful moment!

Before the start of the live broadcast, explorers only need to go to Fortress front to participate in the wonderful activity interface to guess the results of that days competition, so that they will have the chance to win the epic limited time appearance of the explosive wings and the qingfengzhishi. Watch the live broadcast and join the linked star team. The water friends who fight with them have more chance to win the permanent appearance of epic quality such as laurel broad blade axe, qingfengzhishi and shuipan Yiren, so that the explorers can gallop in the valley of stars with a more personalized attitude!

Along with the fortress front and the showdown! With the opening of the linkage activity of Pingan Jing, more and more great Yin and Yang masters came to the valley of enlightenment stars, incarnated as their beloved Shishen, and fought for the peace of the valley of enlightenment stars. If you want to join them, Download fortress front now. While fighting for the cubs, lock in the night of November 1, and witness the passion of the two top teams!

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