As soon as an American official said that Chinas weapons were out of order, the bad news came!

 As soon as an American official said that Chinas weapons were out of order, the bad news came!

Is Chinese equipment OK? This time, the United States is not unified.

On October 31, an official from the State Department said in a conversation with potential customers interested in buying US weapons, the quality of Chinas weapons and equipment is very poor, China is using price war, crazy money and bribes to enter the arms market.

The official, Clark Cooper, currently serves as assistant director of the Department of political and military affairs, according to the State Departments website.

However, with regard to the assessment of Chinas weapons, the United States has made several statements recently, which do not seem to have a unified good caliber.

The national interest magazine, which gathers many retired senior officials and experts from the United States, yesterday turned out an old article in 2018 titled bad news!! Chinas j-20 stealth fighter is equipped with long-range missiles. With the headline will it be better than the missiles of the US F-35?

As soon as the j-20 made its appearance at the military parade, the U.S. side re published this prediction article, which was originally regarded as advocating China, with such a new title. Its attitude is intriguing.

On October 13, the national interest also published an article on Chinas new rifles.

These articles pay close attention to China and constantly compare American equipment with China. It can be said that the United States is using practical actions to express its recognition of Chinas weapons progress.

Similarly, the military times, which has a US military background, recently published an article: has the US lost in the AI arms race? It also expressed concern that Chinas AI technology can catch up with the United States.

China has caught up with and even surpassed the United States in many high-tech fields, and will have an impact on its national defense, an official in charge of science and technology innovation at the U.S. Department of Defense said Tuesday.

I think Wu Qian, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, said very well in his response to the press conference on October 31:

China has made progress in some high-tech fields, but China has a clear mind on the issue of its own development level. We hope that some people in the United States do not need to belittle themselves, but do not want to win over China.

In the field of high and new technology, China has always adhered to the principle of independence, self-reliance and independent innovation, and Chinas development and growth cannot be contained by anyone or forces. .

Source: editor in charge of global network: Li Zaixing, nbjs9026