Open zero down payment car financing black curtain! Shenzhen 300 police raided 9 auto sales companies

 Open zero down payment car financing black curtain! Shenzhen 300 police raided 9 auto sales companies

At the beginning of June this year, Longgang police received an alarm from a financial service company under a well-known brand of automobile: since 2019, dozens of customers have failed to pay back after purchasing cars through loans, with a total loan of more than 5 million yuan.

Preliminary investigation by the police found that the bank flow and income certificates provided by these car buyers were all false information.

It seems that behind the economic disputes, there are probably organized and premeditated fraud crimes!

After four months of investigation and analysis of hundreds of thousands of clues, the task force has mastered a loan fraud criminal network in the name of zero down payment vehicle purchase financing, with multiple automobile sales and service companies (secondary dealers or auto dealers) as the core, such as Shenzhen Yizhi, Xiangxiang, Shenzhen Yitai, etc.

Corporate operation

Form a black chain of industrialization

The specific process of committing a crime is divided into four stages:

The first stage: recruit backers

Through wechat, QQ group or all kinds of auto exhibitions, online and offline advertisements are distributed to recruit people who need money urgently or are idle in society.

When these people come to Shenzhen as promised, the criminal gang will send special personnel to receive and arrange accommodation, promising that as long as they cooperate with the loan to buy a car, they will get a high return. Step by step, it will develop into a backer.

The second stage: collusion with loan black intermediary

Through the black agency of loan, we have carried out all-round packaging training for the backers from their clothes and clothes to their loan car purchasing skills.

At the same time, provide a full set of loan information such as false bank flow, work unit and income certificate.

The suspect brings the backer to the 4S shop. With the cooperation of internal ghost, the company advances the down payment and insurance money, handles the car purchase loan procedures, and deceives the auto financial service company to issue loans.

Stage three: take over the new car

The 4S shop received the loan from the financial service company and delivered the new car to the back account person. But as soon as he left the house, the suspect immediately signed the vehicle transfer agreement with the account teller and took over the new car.

Stage 4: resale and cash out

The suspect transfers the new car to another place, resells it to the car receiver (i.e. the local used car shop) with 20% depreciation of the new car, and then divides the stolen money.

For example, if a new car worth 200000 yuan is purchased with a loan and only landed for 2 or 3 days, the suspect will resell it to the car receiver at the price of 160000 yuan. Deduct the down payment of advance payment, of which 30000-40000 yuan will be given to the backer, 10000 yuan will be given to the black intermediary, part of which will be used to run 4S stores and the financial specialists insiders, and the rest will belong to the suspects.

In addition to the auto financing companies that called the police, the task force also found that many other financial companies under well-known auto brands had been defrauded of loans.

A dead end backer

12 of the 52 suspects arrested were backers from all over the country. In the whole black chain, they are a crucial link.

Quite a few of them think that there is no hope in life and dont care about the stain of credit investigation, so they go on the road of back account.

Liu Cheng, a 28 year old (pseudonym) who failed in business, met Xia Mou, the suspect, after being introduced by the loan black intermediary. When Liu Cheng cheated on a loan of 80000 yuan with a car purchase, Xia Mou gave him 30000 yuan. The 30000 yuan was squandered by Liu Cheng in a month.

There are also some people who are muddleheaded and embark on the back account road.

The 48 year old Lin (pseudonym) met a friendly man in the bank who said he could provide loan services. Lao Lin was unable to make a normal loan due to a defective credit investigation. Hearing that he could buy a car to cash in, he decided to try.

I feel cheated, but the honest old Lin doesnt dare to pay back. He has to swallow the bitter fruit and collect money to repay on time every month.

Is it true that the loan does not need to be paid back?

In the process of case investigation, the police found multiple wechat or QQ groups of professional backers on the Internet, and many netizens also inquired about the ways and risks of backers on the search engine.

Many backers think that as long as they give up credit, they can get a lot of benefits.

In fact, in addition to being withheld by higher-level black intermediaries or loan fraud gangs, they will face more risks. For example:

The middleman ran away and took on a huge loan. If the repayment is not made in time, there will be default interest.

Completely reduced to the credit black door. No loans, no credit cards, no high-speed rail, no airplanes, and even childrens schooling may be affected in the future.

Because of participating in loan fraud, he is regarded as an accomplice of fraud and bears criminal responsibility.

It is worth noting that there is a more pure deception: under the banner of recruitment of backers, they are required to pay security deposit and introduction fee first, and then blackmail disappears after transfer.

Finally, I would like to warn those who are ready to do so: dont imagine that you can get something for nothing, and dont get into debt easily. The real business that you can get for nothing is basically written in the criminal law

[reporter] Tao Qingqing

Tao Qingqing

[source] Southern Newspaper Media Group Southern + client