US aircraft highway crash and crash killed 2

 US aircraft highway crash and crash killed 2

According to Fox News, there were two people aboard the light plane, which crashed into a car on the side of interstate 200 in okara, Florida, on the morning of 31 am. It is reported that two people on board have died and their identities have not been released.

Hit SUV (source: Fox News)

Witnesses told police that the plane caught fire immediately after falling on the road, and that it also injured the elderly driver of the car after hitting the SUV. At present, the injured driver has been sent to the hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said an investigation into the accident was under way. NTSB will determine the possible cause of the accident. (Zhang Ni, overseas website)

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Lin Zhiheng