British media: speaker of roar is invited to participate in TV programs but is void due to high pay

 British media: speaker of roar is invited to participate in TV programs but is void due to high pay reported that John Burke, speaker of the house of Commons, has become one of the most recognizable figures in British politics due to a series of videos of roaring to maintain order. The mirror said that after Burke left office on October 31, a TV station threw an olive branch at him and invited him to participate in a reality show. However, Burkes lions opening failed.

Growl speaker John Burke. Source: Sky News Channel

According to the report, an ITV insider confirmed that the staff had discussed with Burke the possibility of his participation in the popular TV show Im a celebrity, let me out of here!, but the latters asking price made them hold back.

Burke offered u00a3 1 million (on the show), which is far more than the remuneration of other program guests, the source said

Screenshot of the mirror Report

According to the mirror, last years highest asking price for the shows guests was u00a3 500000 for Harry Redknapp and u00a3 600000 for Noel Edmonds.

Its a pity that he could have been an interesting new guest at the jungle party, especially because he has a very rich vocabulary, the source said. Hes a decent person with a lot of experience in politics, knows a lot of interesting people, and knows many secrets of those people. But maybe he just didnt want to do it, so he asked for a crazy fee?

Burkes u00a3 1 million offer is the highest in the history of the show. Source: Daily Mail

According to the report, Burke does not seem to be in urgent need of money. During his tenure as speaker, his salary was around u00a3 1.4 million. According to reports, he will receive a pension of u00a3 38000 a year later, and the Burke family sold three houses this year and received about u00a3 750000.

A spokesman for Burke insisted, the report said, its impossible for him to go to Im a celebrity. He has other plans.

Burke officially resigned as speaker of the lower house of Parliament on October 31. Source: Reuters

Burke was elected speaker in 2009 and has been re elected twice. For more than three years, the lower house of the parliament has repeatedly fought for the brexit issue, and Burke has been struggling to maintain order in the uproar, wearing robes and ties, and constantly shouting order! Order! and Related videos have been widely spread, making him often a hot figure in social media.

Burke announced his resignation as speaker of the house of Commons on September 9, when he received continuous applause and thanks in the house of Commons. Burke was in tears and explained intermittently that part of the reason for his resignation was his family, and that he could not be re elected in accordance with the tradition. Burke officially stepped down on October 31.

Source: global network editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556