Jinhua Education Bureau: Xiaoshun primary school is suspected of violating the regulations if intelligent head ring fails to report to school

 Jinhua Education Bureau: Xiaoshun primary school is suspected of violating the regulations if intelligent head ring fails to report to school

Beijing News, Beijing News, Beijing News reporters learned from many sources that in addition to Xiaoshun Town Central Primary School, Binwang middle school and No. 1 school in Jinhua also suspected to introduce intelligent head ring for use. Today (November 1) afternoon, Jinhua City Bureau of education officials told reporters that Binwang middle school and Yucheng No. 1 school have stopped using the head ring, because the effect is not as obvious as publicity.

In addition, the smart head ring used by Xiaoshun Town Central Primary School is donated by alumni free of charge and used by students free of charge, which does not involve business promotion and other issues. However, suspected violation of local regulations will be dealt with according to the situation.

According to the person in charge, on July 23 this year, Zhejiang issued the implementation opinions on regulating the activities of primary and secondary schools entering the campus, and Jinhua city also issued relevant policies to regulate the situation of various activities entering the campus. The education department has to identify the things that enter the campus, and the content and significance of the activities should meet the needs of the school. According to the investigation, smart head ring did not report to the Education Bureau of Jindong District before entering the campus, which violated local regulations.

How to deal with violations? The person in charge said that activities would be stopped and stopped in general, and those with adverse consequences would be dealt with according to the situation. At present, Jinhua Municipal Bureau of education has ordered Jindong District Bureau of education to deal with relevant principals and parties.

Beijing News reporter learned that the use of this smart head ring schools and Yiwu Binwang middle school and a heavy city school. The above person in charge confirmed that in the first half of this year, the two schools carried out a pilot project on smart head ring, and then stopped using it. The products were provided by the enterprises to the schools for free. The school thought that the effect of the product on improving students learning efficiency and concentration was not as obvious as that of publicity, so it stopped using it.

Next week, we are going to arrange special supervision to confirm the on-site situation of the schools involved. At the same time, it is required that all counties and urban areas, according to the issued documents, do a good job in regulating campus activities. The person in charge said that the performance and safety of the smart head ring has not been confirmed, and there may be some hidden dangers, so it has been stopped in the whole city.

So, how to define and manage other technology equipment entering the campus?

Zhejiang attaches great importance to the construction of smart campus. Many scientific and technological products will be used in the classroom, which is not to say that one stick will be killed. According to the person in charge, whether a scientific and technological equipment can enter the campus or not, the judgment criteria include whether there is commercial nature, whether it is standardized and safe, etc. In addition, when allocating relevant products, schools should refer to the products and specifications identified by the education technology center of Zhejiang Province.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Dai Xuan editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556