Catch the magical animal Island era pet capture

 Catch the magical animal Island era pet capture

Of course, magical pets can only be tamed in different ways!

Throw a tame stone to your favorite pet, and then have a charming dance. Capture their hearts, and they can join in the journey and take risks together~

Understand all kinds of talents and realize strong collocation

Pets have different talents, attributes and skills. Send different pets to fight, it may be a great bonus to fight!

As the journey goes on, you can dress up your pets as you like or ride them to risk!

However, no matter how wonderful pets are, they need to eat. Dont forget to feed them. If it doesnt fight for you, its protesting that youre starving them~

This is the wonderful way to catch pets in the island era! To learn more, book a game and experience it in island Era~