Qinchuan electric power competition starts from Fengyan China mobile power competition

 Qinchuan electric power competition starts from Fengyan China mobile power competition

The rules of this competition are very strict. In the preliminary competition of Shaanxi competition area in November, the hero League project will adopt the rule of Bo1 single defeat elimination, while the Legend of furnace stone will adopt the rule of kof2 single defeat elimination. The players or teams who have won the single champion in each competition place can be promoted to the regional competition of Shaanxi Province, compete for the qualification to enter the year-end final circle, and launch an impact on the champion throne and rich event bonus!

The Shaanxi competition covers seven cities, including Xian, Yanan, Hanzhong, Tongchuan, Shangluo, Ankang and Weinan. There are more than ten official competition points. The provincial E-sports experts will gather to ignite the war of Shaanxi this autumn.

Before that, the offline pre selection of the first China Mobile E-sports competition in 2019 has been successfully held in Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and other places. The competition point is specially set around colleges and universities, radiating to well-known universities in various provinces, so that many college students E-sports fans can participate in the competition. Shaanxi competition area will continue the same way, and strive to let more young people join in this nationwide e-Competition carnival.

Summary of competition points in Shaanxi competition area:


Xijing university dynamic experience store

Dynamic experience store of University of political science and law

Xian Jiaotong University dynamic experience store

Mobile Huzhu Road business hall

Dynamic zone flagship store (Han and Tang book city)

Weiyang experience store of Xigong University

Green tree e-Competition City cube store



Dynamic business hall of Yanan University


Business office of Tongchuan Polytechnic

Shangluo Huaxing communication Wanda store

Ankang City:

Ankang Mobile


Business office of Weinan Normal University

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