Experience the force explosion of Star Wars marbles (Chinese version) on Nintendo switch

 Experience the force explosion of Star Wars marbles (Chinese version) on Nintendo switch

Using marbles to save the galaxy

Star Wars Pinball will provide a unique game mode of the host version. Players can participate in the Galactic battle competition in the community through the Internet, and contribute points to the bright or dark side of the force they support. In addition, the newly added career mode allows Star Wars fans to join the camp of Jedi warrior or Sith warrior freely. By playing any level, players can unlock special force skills, and get more Extra points, climbing the career ladder up to 50 levels. Finally, the force training mode can help apprentice players to develop their potential.

When we released pinball fx3 in 2017, which will land on the Nintendo switch, the main question we got from the community was what about Star Wars? , said Mel Kirk, vice chairman of zenstudios distribution.

We are really excited to be able to bring a new experience to the fans who are eagerly looking forward to Star Wars Pinball landing in Nintendo switch. By combining the original brilliant Star Wars Pinball and Nintendo switchs innovative hardware functions, this game will surely get the best game experience at home, on the road or anywhere in the galaxy.

Rich star wars elements

Whether you are a Star Wars fan of that era, you will like these Pinball platforms. Because they include iconic characters from movies and TV programs, monumental building landmarks and more Star Wars themes:

Movies: including IV, V, VI, VII and VIII in the Star Wars series, as well as two sets of stories: Star Wars: Rogue one and Star Wars: hansoro.

TV programs: including Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: rebels

Roles: hansolo, Darth Vader, Lando Calrissian from the chronicles of Calrissian, robot partner and oba Fett

Location: ahch toIsland and mimban in the Ming ban war

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Product information

Game name: Star Wars Pinball

Developer: zenstudio

Corresponding platform: nintendoswitch

Date of sale: December 13, 2019

Suggested selling price: HK $238 / NT $990

Subtitle: Traditional Chinese / English / Japanese

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