Golden autumn war reignite Netease E-sports next 2019 fall off-line finals Foshan kicks off

 Golden autumn war reignite Netease E-sports next 2019 fall off-line finals Foshan kicks off

In addition to the wonderful contents of the event, Foshan Lingnan pearl gymnasium covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, which is also unforgettable. Through the design of four creative areas, including the photo area, the game area, the catering area and the auxiliary stage of the surrounding shopping mall, the unique immersive experience of the players can be brought. Maoxuewang in the game area doesnt need to pay for convenience stores, guessing Center tower, Gome Museum - playful Chaoshi can not only play, but also gather energy to exchange good gifts. In the next competitive battlefield, the signing meeting, interactive game, star player and anchor meeting, rich content is staged from time to time. In addition, there are 10000 physical and virtual gift packages with a value of nearly one million delivered on site, including the super bubble Gold Pendant of dream journey to the west mobile game, 6666 credit point of after tomorrow + Qixi limited fashion, showdown! Pingan Jing, yin and Yang division and other classic characters of the game handle massive interactive benefits.

In addition to enjoying the exciting events, you can also punch in and relax at the major scenic spots in Foshan! Strong local characteristics of the Foshan ancestral temple, the perfect fusion of history and modern South of the Five Ridges Xintiandi, literary and artistic full of Shunde Creative Industrial Park...... These red card punching sites are all worth visiting. At the next carnival, integrate the game elements to truly restore the paper cutting, sugar man and other local characteristics of cultural punch points, and you can play all over Foshan scenic spots without leaving home.

Three highlights of the professional upgrading of the event

At the same time, the reception specifications of the competitors set a new record. More than 40 foreign contestants entered the competition, with commentaries covering 6 countries including China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

In the event organization, next will set up a referee team of more than 100 people, with one main referee and 6-8 executive referees for each single event; more than 50 ob roles, such as referee, commentator, OB and other professional role training plans will be carried out steadily, striving to be more fair and just in the follow-up competition, so that the e-sports fans and players can enjoy the passion and glory brought by the competition.

100 top E-sports figures came to the battle to win 3 million yuan

Netease E-sports next 2019 autumn competition has a bonus of 3 million yuan, and the commentary lineup of more than 100 E-sports stars is also quite luxurious. In addition to the star old boys Huang Xudong and sun Yifeng, the winner of the special contribution award of watch the vanguard explains red rabbit, the high academic strength explains Alans passion to join the commentary team, the competition also invited famous commentators such as Yin Yang division touching the cold sea, and world Warcraft 3 Qiaolin to join the guest lineup. The new and old commentators came together, and different styles of commentaries collided together The audience brings real-time, comprehensive, humorous and humorous analysis of the event commentary.

Of course, in the arena, there is no shortage of duels between the top players of various E-sports. Moon, the king of Warcraft with multiple championship titles, blue fat, the most popular player in the fifth personality, fr0zen, the runner up of the world championship in the legend of furnace stone, and the decisive battle! Pingan Beijing strength clubs og, if, OMG, BLG. M and other E-sports gods will all show up offline to compete for the 3 million laureates.

Scale upgrading of sponsors to explore the business ecology of E-sports

After several seasons of precipitation and development, Netease E-sports next is favored by more sponsors and partners. For the first time, Gome officially named the event. Glory and Huawei game center is the whole process strategic partner. For four consecutive times, China UnionPay and cloud flash payment, which have sponsored Netease e-games next, have become the chief sponsors. Agricultural Bank of China has jointly sponsored the event, adding special invitation to sponsor Weilai automobile. However, Leisha, alien, dirux and Arlo are still the designated partners. The sponsors of this event have added many new faces, and in the subsequent events, they will continue to cultivate brand businesses from the horizontal and vertical aspects of E-sports to further enhance the brand value of the event.

Netease E-sports next 2019 autumn competition officially opened in Foshan Lingnan pearl Stadium on November 1, and we sincerely invite all major game E-sports fans to fight for love at the scene!