Evaluation of dead and stranded: take away my little brother to save America -- exclusive customized version of the island

 Evaluation of dead and stranded: take away my little brother to save America -- exclusive customized version of the island

After 1235 years of waiting for players, Hideki shimajima returns with stranded in death. Coincidentally, the book seems to be the same this time. Island wants to inject some unprecedented fresh blood into video games. According to his previous statement, the book is trying a new type of game - social strand system. After all, can this chain reshape video games as expected?

PS: in order not to affect the game experience of the players, the evaluation will only include the content that the production team has published before and the content of the first three chapters of the game. Reading this article can give you a general understanding of the game, hoping to make some reference for your purchase, and explore the way for the island scientists in advance.

When you hear those nouns in the game for the first time, you will be confused. But when you really play, you will find that the plot you need to know is very simple.

Our protagonist, Sam, is a take away man with special physique. He can sense these wandering souls, and carefully avoid their encirclement and suppression, and send all kinds of urgently needed materials to the target location. Suddenly one day, he received a difficult task, that is, to transport an object to every corner of the United States, rebuild the network covering the whole United States, and rebuild human civilization again.

The game of stranded in death is built by decima engine developed by guerrilla games, which is a distant cousin of horizon: Zero dawn. The latter, as one of the few exclusive games that drain PS4s function, has been impressive two years ago. The engine is even more flexible under the adjustment of the island. The previous multiple broadcasts perfectly show the islands obsession with the directors dream. The strong visual expression of the game is self-evident.

The island, which has always been pursuing film level experience, has also invited nugo Norman redus, Uncle Bader mades Michelson and Oscar best director Gilmore del Toro to play the main roles, which can be called the strongest card in the game circle. With so many big brands supporting the formation, the game has done a good job in action and expression capture. Compared with the picture when it was first published in 2017, from the wrinkles and subtle expression changes on the face of the characters to the movements of running, jumping and falling are vivid. Even if the game aside, the game is a large segment of the CG plot is worth half of the ticket price.

The self portrait mode of washing also follows the islands consistent bad taste

The game itself supports HDR function. Under the rendering of high saturation color, no matter the endless grassland or the snow mountain surrounded by clouds, it is quite realistic. With the movie style Cloud View and close-up picture of Xiaodao Xiufu as the leader, the game has a better overall look.

Many players joked that death stranded is a courier little brother Simulator, which is not unreasonable in fact, and it is also called the most complete courier little brother simulator in history.

This can be seen from the key setting of the game. In most games (including alloy equipment), the key positions of L2 and R2 are often defaulted to two buttons of aiming and shooting because they look like the design and position of the trigger. In the default setting of death grounding, the left shoulder strap and the right shoulder strap correspond to each other.

As a glorious express delivery brother, we have perfectly explained what it means to open one leg and take out all by walking. At the beginning of the game, we didnt have any vehicles, so we had to put all the goods on our bodies. So in the preparation stage of take out, how to put the goods with different shapes, volumes and qualities on our bodies in the most balanced way became the first problem that bothered us.

Dont think its over. In the preparation stage, we need to prepare tools and weapons according to the natural or artificial conditions we have to face on the established route. Early players can carry ladders, ropes and other tools to cope with steep cliffs and turbulent rivers. But carrying tools will also increase the load, and the increase of load will slow down the movement speed. So how to balance the type and quantity of tools is particularly important.

Of course, we should not be frightened by this seemingly complex system. In the preparation stage, we only need to select the props to carry, and how to equip them can be completed by one click of the system, which is also the good news for some patients with dyslexia.

Its difficult to learn from scriptures. Only when everything is ready can we pass the first level. Different from the general open world games, this work focuses on the impact of the natural environment on the players. In a word, just a small stone on the road may make us fall down. It doesnt matter if people are injured. The most important thing is the damage of goods.

Dead stranded builds a complete express transportation system, which refines the process of taking delivery loading delivery in varying degrees, and finally adds a five-dimensional evaluation system. The system will also score according to our cargo status, distribution quantity, speed, distribution chain and other items, and finally gives an evaluation u3002 With the increase of evaluation, we can become a higher level distributor. It seems to have created a complete set of beautiful blueprints of meituans little brother sweat, and finally completed 700 feats, and his monthly salary broke 20K.

In general, most of the time in the game, we are just a courier boy walking on the vast continent, carrying out the delivery tasks one by one. If the previous game is to fight with people, then this work looks more like a game with Heaven fight.

Man invented sticks and ropes, sticks to keep away, ropes to get close - to take a journey and reconnect the world

In previous interviews, Aoshima defined stranded by death as a social strand system game, and often referred to the concept of chain. After playing, it is really difficult for the author to make an accurate definition for this book. First, the concept of single machine and online is blurred in the game. In the process of the game, we seem to be one person, but we are always accompanied by the influence of other players.

For example, on the way, we will randomly pick up the goods dropped by other players. After picking up, we can take them to the destination and return them. In contrast, if you dont think you can complete the task you are currently doing, you can also entrust the goods to other players.

In addition to bad weather and terrain, the biggest obstacle is these BT

Its also one of the games playing points to build all kinds of tools as the plot is divided

Build a wind turbine and charge your vehicle

In addition to these natural disasters, we will face various man-made disasters. These enemies will not be shown on the map until they encounter each other. At this time, the online logo of players passing by is particularly important. Close players will help you identify where there are enemies, where vehicles cant move forward, where there are hot springs that can heal and recharge. In the past Games, single player and online are relative concepts most of the time. They are independent of each other. In stranded in death, the two are symbiotic relationship between you and me and you.

Rich announcement system can bring great convenience to other players

If this online way has to be compared with some existing games, it may be more like the combination of soul of darkness, Neils mechanical era and the traveler of the wind to some extent.

The online mode of the air combat game in Neils mechanical era and death stranded is quite similar

One of the most interesting points of stranded death is that in the game we are the last hope of mankind, the Savior of all American and even all human civilization, and the rope that connects the American people together. Besides the game, behind countless TV screens, there are tens of thousands of express boys fighting side by side with us. At this time, the game itself just becomes a rope connecting the players. Perhaps this is the concept of chain that the island wants to express.

Because there are not many players participating in the advanced test in the world, there are not many player facilities in our game. I dont know if there is a ceiling for these facilities in the same players world. If not, I would even like to see a deserted post Apocalypse world at the time of sale. With the efforts of countless players, it will be reconstructed into a kind of appearance, just like the seedless ending of alloy equipment 5. If each player contributes a helping hand to others, whether these mountains and gullies will eventually become a smooth road, and everyone who has played the game will play Home also completed a reconstruction of human civilization in the two worlds inside and outside the game?

Maybe its confused by Xiaodaos unchanging face. Its hard to imagine that the man who fished all day and liked to show all kinds of delicious food on Twitter is an old man who is nearly 60 years old. Its just like its hard to believe that he can subvert the players cognition of the game again and again in the 33 years of his career.

From any point of view, dead stranded is not a typical game, but it is a typical island work. There are complex and thought-provoking plots in the game. The more you look back, the more amazing it will be. The game blurs the boundary between single player and online player. By reconstructing the motif of America, players all over the world are connected. In terms of growth factors, combat feel and play diversity, this work also continues the consistent first-class standard of Island works.

Stealth and assassination have also been preserved