The 10-year-old girls murdered family has asked the lawyer to be the victims lawyer in Li Tians case.

 The 10-year-old girls murdered family has asked the lawyer to be the victims lawyer in Li Tians case.

Recently, the murder of 10-year-old girl in Dalian has attracted much attention. Today, Tian Shenjun, a lawyer hired by the girls family, made a voice on the Internet platform, saying that he accompanied his family to the criminal police team in Shahekou District of Dalian city yesterday afternoon to reflect the situation. At the meeting, Qi Qis parents raised more than ten questions about the case, and there were clear differences between the family and the police on whether Cais parents knew and covered up the case.

On October 20 this year, Qi Qi (pseudonym), a 10-year-old girl in Dalian, was killed by Cai Mou, a 13-year-old boy. Because Cai Mou, the perpetrator, was under the age of 14 and did not reach the legal age of criminal responsibility, she was not investigated for criminal responsibility according to law, and she was received and brought up in accordance with law on October 24. The result was unacceptable to the family, so a lawyer was hired to bring a lawsuit.

Girl victims.

On October 24, the official microblog of Dalian public security released a notice that: at about 19:00 on October 20, 2019, the public security organ received the alarm that there was an intentional homicide in Shahekou District, and the victim (female, 10-year-old) was killed. According to the investigation conducted by the special task force, Cai XX (male, 13 years old) is suspected of committing a major crime. After arriving at the case, Cai confessed the fact that he killed the girl.

According to previous media reports, Qi Qi went to an art class on the day of the crime, but his family couldnt pick him up on time. Qi Qi was more than half an hour late and didnt get home. The family immediately searched for Qi Qi and called the police. Until 19 oclock, her father found Qi Qis body in the green belt. Introduction to Qi Qis mother. Forensic autopsy found that the girl was stabbed seven times and died of excessive blood loss.

Cai, a 13-year-old boy suspected of killing a girl.

Cai, 13, of the same community, is suspected of committing a major crime. However, according to the chat records of his classmates, Cai pretended to be innocent after the murders, and ruled out his suspicion by self directing and self acting in the class wechat group. In addition, he asked Qi Qis family twice about his whereabouts calmly on the day of the incident.

At the same time, at least three women living near Cais home reported that they had been followed and followed by CAI to varying degrees.

At noon today, Tian Shenjun, a lawyer hired by Qi Qis family, sent a message on the Internet platform, saying that Qi Qi had been cheated into his home by Cai, a minor in the same community, and raped and killed cruelly. Yesterday afternoon, the lawyer accompanied Qi Qis family to the criminal police team in Shahekou District to report the situation. The differences between the two sides are obvious. The police believe that Cais parents didnt know that Cai had committed murder according to the evidence on the spot. Qi Qis parents hold the opposite view.

At the meeting, Qis family asked to be able to view the surveillance video on the day of the crime, the photos of the scene of the crime and the transcripts of the inquisition, the transcripts of CAIs parents inquiry and the synchronous video, but the police did not agree on the basis that the case was classified.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Tian said that he would report the case to the relevant departments and strive to promote the resolution of the lag of the current provisions on the age of criminal responsibility. At the same time, it is suggested that the police should focus on whether Cais parents know about the case and whether they cover it up.

Qi Qis mother and Tian Shenjuns lawyer. news reporter inquired and learned that Tian Shenjun was well-known for acting as a lawyer for the victims of the well-known Li Tian case. In 2013, Li Tianyi was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape.

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The 10-year-old girl was brutally killed and dumped by her brother, a 13-year-old neighbor, for attempted sexual assault. This cold and heavy social news happened in a community in Shahekou District of Dalian city.

The case was solved quickly. At about 19:00 on October 20, 2019, after receiving the report, the police immediately formed a special team, and within five hours found Cai XX (male, born in January 2006, 13 years old) who was suspected of committing a major crime. When the case came, Cai told the truth about his killing, the police reported

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October 25, Dalian, Liaoning. After the 10-year-old girl was killed, many neighbors talked about the impression of the murdering boy: the boy kept at the intersection of the community many times, followed the female, went to touch others. The boys parents did not appear to respond, and police said the case could not be disclosed.