The old womans husband, 65 and 68, is still working

 The old womans husband, 65 and 68, is still working

More than 30 years ago, Huang Weiping had both sons and daughters. The oldest granddaughter just turned 18 this year. Grandpa generation of him, recently had a little daughter.

At the beginning of the year, his wife Tian xinju found out that she was pregnant, and Huang Weiping planned to keep her baby. Although they met with strong opposition from their children, the old couple remained unmoved.

The two-year-old error obviously does not affect the publics curiosity about this matter. After the news spread, many people sent blessings, and rumors and questions from the medical community came one after another. People lament the birth experience of the old couple and worry about their childrens future.

Immersed in the happiness of the old woman, Huang Weiping has no time to take into account the outside world. Although his hair is half white, he still looks energetic in his shirt and trousers.

On October 29, the night before his wife left the hospital, Huang only slept for more than two hours. At three oclock in the morning, he helped his wife pick up the milk and hurried home to make the bed. After daybreak, he walked his dog, made breakfast and sent his granddaughter to school as usual, and returned to the hospital before seven oclock.

Before the expected date of delivery, Tian xinju entered the family integrated delivery room of the hospital. The price of the electric production bed inside is 300000 yuan, and all the equipment adds up to nearly 700000 yuan. For this reason, Huang needs to pay more than 1000 yuan a day.

On the third day after the cesarean section, Tian xinju was admitted to the 607 ward.

607 is facing the nurses desk. There are security guards in the corridor on duty 24 hours a day. Their main task is to stop reporters and unidentified people from being disturbed.

A security executive said he had not slept soundly for several days in a row, and his colleagues on duty often called in the middle of the night to report that strangers came to the 6th floor. When chatting with the reporter, the supervisor yawned continuously. He was in the hospital during the day, and he would follow Huang Weiping step by step.

On the morning of October 29, Huang Weiping received the baby from the neonatal care room and discharged. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

The hospital staff in charge of publicity said that the continuous influx of media has affected the normal medical order, and the hospital has received many complaints from patients.

As the focus of public opinion, Huang Weiping did not explicitly refuse to interview. Sometimes worried about affecting his own and his wifes rest, he would deliberately avoid reporters. If you encounter it, you will also exchange a few sentences depending on the situation. More people were found by phone. His call records were red several times, and nearly a hundred missed calls were saved.

A netizen arrived from Beijing on the high-speed rail, but he couldnt see the old couples face at last, so he had to hand over the pastry he brought to the security guard. A baby products company sent someone to bring six bags of diapers, claiming to bring the childrens diapers and whole supplementary food package from childhood, on the condition that Huang Weiping would cooperate to record a thank you video.

Huang Weiping replied some polite words through the wechat friend application of the Beijing netizen; he also took the diapers and held the microphone to thank the enterprise and the President Wang who never met.

In the first few days, Huang often went in and out of the internal elevator and walked around the crowd. The reporter from Guangdong stayed at the door all night, and he didnt go to see him. Later, he couldnt help sharing the joy and went out of the ward several times to find someone to chat with.

On October 29, at noon on the day of discharge, Huang Weiping finally stopped taking the internal elevator. This time, he held his daughter wrapped in red gauze and smiled at the camera.

According to the local custom, it is necessary to take a peach tree branch to pray for safety when carrying a newborn out. Some parents take ordinary branches, but Huang Weipings hands are obviously high-grade: the branches are tied with red rope, a few red dates are tied on the rope, the shells are dyed red peanuts, a string of copper coins and a bunch of Chinese knots.

Talking about the meaning of peanuts, Huang Weiping explained with a smile: its to have a man, a woman, and even a life. This blessing is obviously for the children. Considering his wifes health and his familys situation, Huang Weiping said that he would be able to live in the future and would not be able to regenerate.

Before leaving the hospital, Huang Wei took a picture with his wife and daughter, holding peach branches. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

The second spring

Huang Weiping told reporters that his wifes pregnancy was an accident, when they did not plan to have children. When I went to the hospital for examination due to my physical discomfort, I found that I had already had a baby bud.

At first we thought it was a scandal. We were pregnant at such an old age. But it wasnt long before they accepted it, Huang said.

Huang doesnt shy away from talking about the couples life. He said that the couples life was normal. Although they would not say I love you as young people do, they were also true love. Because we have love, we have this crystal.

If it had not been for last years strange event, their old life would not have been disrupted.

In Huang Weipings mouth, the strange thing is called the second spring - Tian xinju once returned to normal menstruation about 10 years after menopause.

The old couple speculated that this strange thing might be related to the conditioning of traditional Chinese Medicine - Tian xinju had drunk traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Huang Weiping once recalled to the media, I used medicine in the morning, and I had a regular holiday in the evening. But when the reporter of the new Beijing News asked this question again, he replied that he could not remember whether his wife had come first or whether he had taken the medicine first.

Before leading the child, Huang Weiping pressed his finger print beside the small footprint. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

In February, Tian xinju was told she was pregnant at the hospital. Again, the same result. After the surprise, the old couple began to think about their childrens going and staying.

According to Huang Weiping, this is a gift from heaven. At their age, its not a question of whether they want to live, but whether they can. If you are not healthy enough, no matter where you live or where you grow, there will be no new shoots. He also has another plan to terminate the pregnancy at any time if any problems are detected.

When Tian xinju was pregnant for more than two months, her daughter heard about it and wanted to persuade her parents to let her child go. Huang Weiping said that the negotiation was fruitless at that time, and her daughter put up a cruel word, if you dare to have a life, we will cut off the relationship. After that, she did not come to the house any more, and the birth of her child did not appear in the hospital.

Without listening to his daughter, Huang Weiping didnt think it was wrong. He gave his attitude from a legal point of view: we are people with full capacity for behavior. Do things by yourself.

But the age problem is in front of him. Huang Weiping was worried that his wifes body could not guarantee a normal pregnancy. After a period of observation, he felt that there was no problem.

In fact, the inspection results show that Tian xinju is not suitable for childbearing. In May this year, Zaozhuang maternal and child health hospital carried out a pregnancy risk screening assessment on her. Because she had suffered from brain infarction, hypertension and diabetes and other diseases, Tian xinjus assessment result was red high risk.

For this reason, many experts in the hospital dissuaded and hoped to terminate the pregnancy, but the old couple never agreed. Our two opinions are the same. Its OK to stay.

In order to ensure the safe production of Tian xinju, the hospital has set up a wechat group to appoint medical staff from the departments of internal medicine, surgery, nutrition and other departments to sit online for diagnosis. Even if a bite is bitten by a mosquito, Tian xinju will also report in the group.

When she was young, Tian xinjus two sons and daughters were born naturally. This time, considering her age, the hospital decided to adopt cesarean section and invited Wang Xie Tong, the president of Shandong maternal and child health care hospital, to perform the operation. Fortunately, within an hour of entering the delivery room, Tian xinju gave birth to a five Jin baby girl.

On October 29, the nurse handed over the child to Huang Weiping. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

Liu Chengcheng, chief physician of Zaozhuang maternal and child health care hospital, told the media that Tian xinjus experience of giving birth to a child at an advanced age is really a blessing. He does not recommend that similar high-age groups go to pregnancy again, because the risks faced by both mothers and fetuses will increase. It is still recommended that we do the right thing at the right age and have a proper marriage and childbirth.

Some medical people focus on the way of conception, and they question Tian xinjus view of natural conception. Statistics show that the average menopausal age of Chinese women is 49 years old. Menopause means no more eggs. According to the above, Tian xinju, who is 65 years old, has little chance of natural conception.

Tan Xianjie, chief physician of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, told the Beijing news that it is possible for women to have menstruation again in their 60s after menopause in their 50s. Because endometrium is a receptive tissue, it can grow and recover its function as long as it is stimulated by estrogen and progesterone of ovary. After the growth of endometrium and the recovery of womens ovarian function, ovulation will occur. Sperm egg combination, natural conception.

However, Tan Xianjie also believes that the probability of natural conception of the elderly women is very small. Generally speaking, after menopause, women almost lose the possibility of pregnancy and childbirth, except for special exceptions.

Professor Lian Fang, director of the reproductive center of Shandong hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said there was no precedent for postmenopausal women to take traditional Chinese medicine to naturally produce eggs. As the ovarian function is very special, once menopause, the eggs are exhausted, it is impossible to produce eggs again. In her opinion, this incident in Zaozhuang is a special case.

Due to the limited public information, experts are unable to make a more accurate judgment and explanation of Tian xinjus situation.

The head nurse on Tians floor said the oldest woman she had ever met was 52. Asked if Tian xinju, 65, was naturally pregnant, the head nurse gave a positive answer.

Huang Weiping is in front of Zaozhuang maternal and child health hospital. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

To the outside worlds these questions, Huang Weiping refuses to pay attention, he insisted that his wife is a natural pregnancy, without any medical assistance technology. He used miracle to describe their birth experience.

Reporters learned that Tian xinju normal postpartum milk, can basically meet the pure breastfeeding. Before the baby was born, Huang bought the milk powder, but it didnt come into use.

As early as August, Huang spent more than 20000 yuan to reserve the human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell bank in Shandong Province for 25 years. This, he said, is to add an insurance for future uncertainty. In the future, it can not only solve some of the childrens diseases, but also be used for itself, my wife and children.

Heaven sent

Prepared in advance, and the childs name. Huang Weiping said that two or three months before the expected date of delivery, they had already decided their name: the male is Shikai, the word heaven given, and the female is heaven given.

Huang Weiping explained that the name is Shi Kai, because the child is a generation of Shi, and Kai is a triumphant Kai The latter name, as the name suggests, means that he believes it is a gift from heaven when he is pregnant and gives birth to a child at this age.

Behind the name is the joy of the old couple. But some netizens pointed out sharply, your short-term joy will soon be replaced by one after anothers troubles. We have raised children and have experience, Huang said

Some people worry about their health, and think that its selfish to have children at this age. Who will take care of the remaining half aged children if the old couple are ill in bed in the future?

Huang explained that according to his and his wifes physical condition, there must be no problem in bringing up children. He believes there is a long-lived tradition in his familys genes. For example, his father and grandmother lived to 96.

In daily life, Huang Weiping attaches great importance to health care, we dont eat chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, chemical things, only green food. He only uses peanut oil for cooking, and every year he goes back to the countryside to pack dozens of Jin. For daily drinking water, he only drinks purified spring water and drives to the nearby mountain every week. He can lift a bucket of 50 Jin to the fifth floor by himself.

Even if he lives in a small community in the city, Huang Weiping is creating an idyllic life. The gap in the green belt at the entrance of the community was opened up by him. He planted vegetables such as pepper, eggplant, cucumber and kidney bean. There are also pieces of moss and vegetables in a clearing farther away. When the bottom is cut, he likes to pinch a handful and put it in to pick up the fresh food.

Huang Weiping pays attention to health preservation and likes to eat his own vegetables. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

Huang Weiping drinks a small glass of high spirit almost every day, but he doesnt smoke and hates people who smoke. I wont let you ride in my car as long as you smell of smoke. When talking about this topic, Huang Weiping mentioned that he had beaten his son because of smoking, and his son seldom came to the house. Now, because of the child, the daughter has not come home to visit him for five months.

A reporter from the Beijing News noticed that there were no family photos in Huang Weipings living room. There was a box of medicine and wine beside the TV cabinet, which was brought by his daughter during the Spring Festival.

According to Huang Weiping, blood relationship can solve most problems among relatives. He felt that his daughter said that it was disgusting to break off the relationship, and she would come back sooner or later. He also believed that his children would accept the gift from his little sister.

As for whether Tianci can understand after being sensible, Huang Weiping thinks its good to do a good job of his own explanation. Ill tell her how the name came from heaven and let her know that shes in a special situation.

What if you cant accept it? Thats her problem. Huang said.

Many netizens are worried about the growth of their children. Huang Weiping thinks this worry is superfluous. The monthly pension of the two of them adds up to more than 10000. He is still working as a lawyer, raising children and growing up. Money is not a problem.

In recent days, a friend has relayed some social rumors on the phone, and Huang Weiping is angry, what they want to say, but dont affect my family unity.

The rumor related to the distribution of property. Huang Weiping said that he would never be biased in the future, any child is the meat of his mother. Before he dies, he will make a will to balance all the problems. What we need to do now is to raise our children well.

Practical problems often come directly. On the day of discharge, at the door of his home, Huang Weiping was in front of him. Because the family lives on the fifth floor and there is no elevator, Tian xinju can only be carried upstairs in a wheelchair. The old couples children still didnt show up, and reporters and the staff of the umbilical cord bank helped to share the responsibility.

On October 29, the reporter and the staff of the umbilical cord library helped Huang Weiping lift his wife up to the fifth floor, and his children did not appear. Photo by Zu Yifei, reporter of Beijing News

In order to help his wife get better care, Huang Weiping asked Yuesao, but 10 hours later, he still needed to handle it.

On the first day home, Huang Weiping stayed up almost all night. When his wife woke up at night, he cooked a meal. At about two oclock in the morning, the child opened his eyes. He was too excited to sleep. He took his cell phone and shot it all the time. How about calling dad? God given.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Zu Yifei, Zheng Dan editor in charge: Han Jiapeng, Gu nn9841