During the period of Dengfeng Military Academys rectification, there were still injuries. The black military academy fought against guerrillas and evaded supervision

 During the period of Dengfeng Military Academys rectification, there were still injuries. The black military academy fought against guerrillas and evaded supervision

On October 8, Cheng Jiaquan, a Nanchang native, received a death call. Shi Yanhuan, the martial arts master of Cheng Hao, the youngest son, told them that Cheng Haos life was in danger and that he would come to Dengfeng to see the last one.

This is the third year for Cheng Hao to learn martial arts at the age of 7 years and 8 months. In August 2017, Cheng Jiaquan and his wife came to Dengfeng Shaolin Temple. They met Shi Yanhuan, a self proclaimed Shaolin disciple, and asked their two sons to worship him as their teacher.

Cheng Jiaquan remembers that when he paid a visit to his teacher, Shi Yanhuan promised that after two or three years of training, his children would be able to enter the monk group of Shaolin Temple and have the opportunity to perform abroad. However, the promise has not been fulfilled, and the bad news is coming. A few days after the rescue, Cheng Hao was declared brain dead, using a ventilator and drugs to maintain life.

According to the recording provided by his family and an interview with his sister, Shi Yanhuan admitted to the police that he had disciplined Cheng Hao before the accident.

This is not the first time Shi Yanhuan is suspected of beating a student. When a reporter from Beijing News visited Dengfeng Military Academy in April this year, a 16-year-old student said he had been beaten by Shi Yanhuan and suffered a fracture of his left clavicle. At present, Shi Yanhuan has been detained by Dengfeng Public Security Bureau.

It is worth noting that Dengfeng city is carrying out a large-scale special governance action for the Military Academy at the time of the incident. According to the investigation of the new Beijing News, many banned small military schools evaded supervision by means of fighting guerrillas and changing their names. The accident happened in a small military school that escaped to the suburbs without relevant qualifications.

On October 31, Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports and the Propaganda Department of Dengfeng municipal Party committee responded to the reporter of Beijing news that the rectification was still in progress.

u25b2 the first page of the second instance ruling of Shantou Intermediate Court on Huang Jiaren. Picture provided by interviewee

Brain death in a 7-year-old boy

Cheng Jiaquan recalled that he received a phone call from Shi Yanhuan at 5:00 p.m. on October 8, saying, no more children, come here to see the last one.. He and his wife drove all the way from Nanchang to Dengfeng at 4 a.m. the next day.

On October 26, Ding Lingling, an emergency department physician at Dengfeng maternal and child health hospital, told the Beijing news that when Cheng Hao was sent by the coach on October 8 at 5:00 p.m., his breathing and heart rate were suspended, and there was an obvious hematoma on his forehead, and his pupils were not big enough. Its life-threatening.. Due to the limited medical conditions, Ding Lingling suggested that Cheng Hao be sent to Dengfeng peoples hospital.

When Cheng Jiaquan and his wife arrived in Dengfeng, Cheng Hao had undergone craniotomy at Dengfeng peoples hospital. The results were not optimistic. The diagnosis materials issued by the hospital later showed that Cheng Hao was severe closed brain injury and multiple brain contusion and laceration.

Cheng Jiaquan said that doctors at Dengfeng peoples Hospital made three conclusions, one is death, the other is a vegetable, the third is a miracle, waking up to be an idiot. On October 15, two days after another transfer, the peoples Hospital of Henan Province announced the death of Cheng haonao.

In the early morning of October 9, Cheng Jiaquan and his wife saw Shi Yanhuan in the hospital. This is their first meeting since the incident. Cheng Jiaquan told the Beijing news that Shi Yanhuan said at that time that Cheng Hao had an accident when he was doing a post practice somersault. Another student came later than Cheng Hao, but his basic skills were better than Cheng Hao. Therefore, he urged Cheng Hao to practice, which was too urgent.

At nine oclock that morning, Cheng Jiaquan and his wife finally met their youngest son. The photos they asked doctors to take at that time showed that the right side of Cheng Haos forehead was obviously swollen and the epidermis was torn, and the eyebrows, right temple, right face, left arm and right foot were all obviously injured.

Cheng Jiaquan said his wife questioned whether Shi Yanhuan had beaten Cheng Hao at that time, and Shi denied it.

On the afternoon of October 9, relatives of Chengs family and Shi Yanhuan came to the scene of the incident. It is a four story building located in Beizhuang street, north of Dengfeng City. The front room on the first floor covers an area of more than one hundred square meters. It was transformed into a training hall and rented to Shi Yanhuan.

According to a video shot by the family members at that time, Shi Yanhuan said to the camera in the training hall that the first afternoon, Cheng Hao did a backflip on the cushion, thats how it turned. I saw that he turned it. He got up at that time, walked here for a few steps, and then slowly fell down.

In October 25th, the Beijing News reporter found that the floor of the training ground was completely covered with foam mats. There were two white and three soft pads on the ground, and Taekwondo cartoon figures were painted on the walls. Ding Lian, the landlord, said that this was her Taekwondo Hall. She took Taekwondo classes on weekends and rented it to Shi Yanhuan from Monday to Friday. The training hall was originally equipped with cameras, but it has not been plugged in since September when the venue was renovated.

u25b2 inside view of Taekwondo Hall on October 25. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

After Chengs family called the police, four other students were summoned by the police. Family members recalled that on the afternoon of the 9th, at the Songyang police station, three students said that Cheng Hao jumped over a flat pedal and walked two steps from the ground.. One of the youngest students added: before the master pulled him into the black room to fight, and heard Cheng Hao crying.

The recording of the family members at that time showed that the police asked, what did you do to pull him (Cheng Hao) into the black house? Shi Yanhuan replied, bring the house to discipline him.

Family members said Shi admitted to spanking his hands and buttocks. In an interview with the Beijing News on October 25, Shi Yanhuans elder sister said that when she met her younger brother at the detention center, he said he had only beaten his hands and feet.

On October 25, the grandmother of another student who was present at the time of the incident told the Beijing news that her grandson told her after returning home that before Cheng Haos back somersault, Shi Yanhuan had been locked in a small black room for a while.

On the night of September 9, Songyang, the Public Security Bureau of Dengfeng City, sent Shi Yanhuan to be detained on suspicion of beating others and then transferred to criminal detention.

The coach involved was accused of beating the students many times

Before the accident, Cheng Jiaquan found scars on his youngest son.

Before Cheng Jiaquan and his wife went to visit their son in Dengfeng. When they came out to take a bath in the hotel, they found many bruises on Cheng Haos back, buttocks and feet.

But Cheng Jiaquan didnt pay much attention. He explained that since he decided to let his son practice martial arts, I wont say he wont fight for a little skin and flesh injury.

Cheng Jiaquans 16-year-old son, Cheng Jie, also followed Shi Yanhuan to practice martial arts with his younger brother. He told the Beijing news that if the students didnt work hard in training and quarreled with their classmates, they might be punished by Shi Yanhuan, sometimes he would hit people because of a little incident..

Cheng Jie remembers that shortly after he came to learn martial arts, one of his classmates flashed his waist in training and took a little effort in practice. Shi Yanhuan thought that he was timid and lazy in practice, and beat him to the ground without asking why.

On October 26, a shopkeeper next to the accident site told the Beijing news that he often heard shouts from the martial arts school next door. At first, he thought it was the students who shouted slogans. When he came closer, he found that it was coach Shi Yanhuan who beat the students with a half meter long piece of thick wood. I cant turn it over, but I cant pop it. Everyone is close to each other, crying and running. Before long, he went to see it again, only to find that the window was covered.

u25b2 on October 25, the incident happened in a Taekwondo Hall in Beizhuang street, north of Dengfeng City. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

On April 19, this year, when a reporter from Beijing News secretly visited a small martial arts school around Shaolin scenic spot, he met Shi Yanhuan, who was sitting in the new school site in Guodian village. When training students, he said, its totally impossible not to spank, either by hand or by ass..

An investigation by a reporter from the Beijing News found that Shi Yanhuan had previously been involved in a case of injuring students.

On April 19, Zhang Wenwu, an Anhui native, told the Beijing news that in order to help Zhang Sheng, his son, get rid of Internet addiction and exercise his physique, in July last year, he sent his son to the China song mountain Shaolin Temple monk group of the school of martial arts in No. 21 yard, wangzhigou village, Dengfeng Shaolin Temple scenic area, and the coach was Shi Yanhuan.

Zhang Sheng recalled to the reporter of the Beijing news that the school was opened in a farmyard in wangzhigou village. The students were only five or six years old and seventeen or eighteen years old.

One afternoon in July last year, Zhang Sheng said, while lying in his dormitory bed playing with his mobile phone, Shi Yanhuan brought in a man in a monks clothes and an inch head. After letting the other students out of the dormitory, Shi Yanhuan asked him for his mobile phone several times. He didnt want to give it, so he was asked to get out of bed, just call without saying anything..

Zhang Sheng recalled that Shi Yanhuan kept hitting his collarbone with his elbow for more than ten minutes. He couldnt beat it. He went straight to bed..

In the following days, Zhang Sheng can only endure the pain of training. Zhang Sheng said that the pain continued unabated for a week. Shi Yanhuan led him to a small clinic outside the scenic spot. The doctor suggested going to the hospital to take a picture, but Shi Yanhuan ignored and took him back to the military academy.

Zhang Wenwu heard about this, took his son to the hospital to take an X-ray. The doctor said it was a fracture of the distal part of the left clavicle.

In a recording provided by Zhang Wenwu on October 13, 2018, in the face of Zhang Wenwu, who came to discuss, Shi Yanhuan admitted that he had beaten Zhang Sheng, but said he was measured.

Recruit students in the name of Shaolin Temple

Unlike Zhang Sheng, Cheng Jiaquan believes that when he sent his two sons to learn martial arts, he did not enter the China song mountain Shaolin Temple monk group martial arts school, but the Shaolin Temple.

Cheng Jiaquan told the Beijing news that because the children dont like learning, but they are very athletic, he moved to send them to Shaolin to learn martial arts. In August 2017, they came to Dengfeng Shaolin Temple and visited while traveling. In the parking lot of the scenic spot, he inquired about the situation of a parking lot staff named Tian Wei. Tian Wei said that he knew a lot of forest monks. He also took out a bunch of photos of monks to recommend to them. He said that he could help to contact them and let the children directly worship Shaolin disciples as teachers.

Cheng Jiaquan said that most of the masters in the photos were vicious. He chose the one who looked at the most kind face, that is, Shi Yanhuan. After making a phone call, Shi Yanhuan took Cheng Jiaquans family to Shaolin scenic spot, and there was no charge for tickets to the scenic spot or Shaolin temple gate. After sitting down, Shi Yanhuan said that he was entrusted by his master, Shi Yongxin, to train a successor of Yan for Shaolin Temple. The child would learn martial arts from him. Later, he could join the group of monks in Shaolin Temple and possibly perform abroad.

Cheng Jiaquan said that on August 14, in a meditation room in Shaolin Temple, under the witness of Shi Yanhuang, who claimed to be Shi Yanhuans senior brother, Cheng Hao and Cheng Jie knelt down, worshipped tea and incense, and formally worshipped Shi Yanhuan as their teacher. After the ceremony, he gave Shi Yancong and Shi Yanhuan 10000 yuan red envelopes each.

u25b2 on August 14, 2017, the two brothers of Cheng Hao took Shi Yanhuan as their teacher, the second on the left was Shi Yanhuan, and the third on the left was Shi Yancong, the witness. Picture provided by interviewee

Cheng Jie said that the temples masters told him that Shi Yancong was Shi Yongxins bodyguard and driver. He and his students were led by Shi Yanhuan to the Shaolin temple for many times. They often saw Shi Yancong standing close to his body when he received guests. They went to Shaolin temple for training, which was mainly led by Shi Yanlong.

Moreover, Shi Yanhuan and Shi Yanting, the Shaolin Temple monk guarding the mountain gate, are brothers. Cheng Jiaquan said that Cheng Jie, the eldest son, once told him that Shi Yanting, nicknamed master Gazi, wanted to enter the mountain gate. As long as he was a friend of master Gazi, he didnt need to buy tickets, but directly released them. After the accident, Shi Yanting once visited Cheng Hao in the hospital.

Cheng Hao once asked Shi Yanting, master of Gazi, who ran the school. Shi Yanting said he did it with Shi Yanhuan and Shi Yancong.

Cheng Jiaquan recalled that the reason why he let his son practice martial arts with Shi Yanhuan at the beginning was that he claimed to be a Shaolin disciple.

He often saw photos of various activities held by Shaolin Temple, as well as photos with Shi Yongxin from his wechat circle of friends. Last summer, he went to see his sons and saw them training in the gate of Shaolin Temple.

On October 28, a staff member of the Shaolin Temple Affairs Office replied to the reporter of the new Beijing news that Shi Yanhuan once studied martial arts in the Shaolin Temple, that is, ordinary little monk, and had no official family or position. The staff member stated that monks of the Shaolin Temple, including members of the armed monks group, have never been allowed to accept students to run martial arts schools.

The staff member said that Shi Yanting was indeed a monk guarding the mountain gate, but he had never heard of him, saying that Shi Yongxin had only one driver surnamed Du, who had driven his car for eight or nine years.

Cheng Jie told the Beijing news that although he and his younger brother, as well as dozens of other students, lived in a farmyard in wangzhigou village in the scenic spot, although he was taught by Shi Yanhuan, who called himself a Shaolin monk. The school has changed its name several times, including Shaolin Temple Zen and martial arts research base, Shaolin martial arts research base and China song mountain Shaolin Temple monk group. At the time of Zhang Shengs admission, the name of the school, which was founded by Shi Yanhuan, was the group of monks of Shaolin Temple in Songshan, China.

On October 25, a reporter from Beijing News found Tian Wei, the middleman of Chengs family and Shi Yanhuan, in the parking lot of Shaolin Temple scenic spot. Tian Wei said that in the past, there were 20 or 30 masters in Shaolin Temple who took in apprentices to run martial arts schools. After the rectification in the first half of the year, they are either disbanded on the spot or led by the master to practice in other places.

On October 31, a reporter from Beijing News learned from the publicity section of Dengfeng public security bureau that the case of Shi Yanhuan suspected of beating others is still under investigation, and whether it constitutes a criminal case needs to wait for the result of Cheng Haos injury identification. The propaganda section also confirmed that the Public Security Bureau of Dengfeng city had detained Shi Yanhuan on suspicion of fraud due to the discovery of new clues during the investigation.

On October 7, Cheng Hao and his paintings the day before the accident. Picture provided by interviewee

Dengfeng carries out the action of rectifying the martial arts school

Similar chaos happened not only in the small-scale military schools of Shi Yanhuan, but also in some famous big military schools in recent years.

In April this year, the Beijing News reported the death of a 6-year-old girl at Xiaolong martial arts school in Dengfeng. In mid June, a coach at Bruce Lee was accused of molesting female students. On October 21, Dengfeng Municipal Public Security Bureau responded to the reporter of Beijing News and has filed a case for investigation.

In addition, according to Dengfeng City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team to the new Beijing News reporter, they have also successively arrested nine teaching staff of Xiaolong martial arts school since July. In March 2010, these teachers and workers participated in the smashing of the martial arts school next door. The case is still under investigation. At present, the criminal compulsory measures for the suspect have been changed to guarantee pending trial.

According to incomplete statistics, from the second half of 2018 to April of this year, more than 10 criminal cases occurred in the local military school, with 4 accidental deaths, according to an internal document of Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports obtained by a reporter from Beijing News. Subsequently, Dengfeng launched a special governance action called one hundred days to overcome difficulties.

According to the public information released by the United Front Department of Dengfeng municipal Party committee, in this special rectification action, Dengfeng City has established a special management work headquarters, which has 11 working groups, and also appointed eight members such as public security liaison officers, school protection inspectors, rule of law counselors, psychological facilitators to settle in the school, so as to promote one batch, standardize one batch, integrate one batch and ban one batch of the whole citys military schools.

On October 31, a staff member of Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports told the Beijing news that since May, the rectification has been in progress, and all departments of the municipal government have participated in it, because the supervision of the military academy is not only the responsibility of the Bureau of education and sports.

On October 24, the head of a medium-sized military school in Dengfeng revealed to the reporter of the Beijing news that in the first month since May, they had an average of five or six meetings a week in the city, sometimes two or three meetings a day, and more often, three or five departments checked each day. According to the acceptance materials provided by the school, 17 departments, including the education and Sports Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Urban Management Bureau, the Water Conservancy Bureau, the audit bureau and the development and Reform Commission, participated in the acceptance in early August.

Taking this martial arts school as an example, after rectification, the campus has realized the full coverage of monitoring outside the dormitories. New Beijing News reporter random visit found that the martial arts school without exception have added a police office.

Another important task of the campaign is to crack down on unqualified small military schools.

According to the statistics of Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports, before the rectification, there were 20 nine-year consistent martial arts schools, 60 martial arts places and 13 unauthorized martial arts schools approved by the local education administrative department. After the rectification, except for the 20 military schools approved by the education administration, all other military training places and unauthorized military schools were banned.

In April this year, when a reporter from Beijing News visited the surrounding areas of Shaolin Temple scenic area, he found that almost every village has a small martial arts school rebuilt from private houses, with dozens of students and hundreds of students training in the open space and Village Road in front of the house. Most of the leaders of these schools are dressed in green and gray monks clothes, with inch heads. They call themselves Shaolin disciples and charge tuition fees of more than 10000 to 30000 yuan per year for each student.

But in late October, when the new Beijing News reporter visited again, the gate of the original small martial arts school was closed, and the students in various uniforms were gone.

Besides the martial arts school, the long-standing black intermediary organization in Dengfeng was also suppressed. On May 17, the United Front Department of Dengfeng municipal Party committee announced that since the launch of the special action, Dengfeng has eliminated one black intermediary for enrollment and detained 33 people.

u25b2 photos of Cheng Haos life. Picture provided by interviewee

Rectification is good for the long-term development of the school

Liu Changming (pseudonym) is the management of a large military school in Dengfeng City. He told the Beijing news that there were three main directions for the banned schools. First, they were shut down and disbanded on the spot, and the students were sold by the operators of the small military schools to the big military schools. Usually, the small military schools charged the tuition fees of one year to the big military schools as compensation according to their heads. Second, some small military schools will choose to merge into qualified military schools.

Liu Changming introduced that some qualified students in the school are not enough, and there are redundant places and facilities, which can solve the problem of accommodation and food for the students coming from the school, but they are still managed separately from the school in terms of teaching and fees.

According to the Beijing News, on August 30, a student in Qipanshan martial arts school was beaten to death by his classmates for running away. Wang Haiying, the schools president, told the Beijing news that the students involved were from the small military school which had just been incorporated in July, and the management, fees, school status and other matters had not yet been handed over.

Cheng Haos martial arts school belongs to this kind. Cheng Jie told the Beijing news that until the reorganization, the martial arts school where he and his younger brother lived had no qualifications, including the qualification certificate of martial arts practice place needed to open a martial arts practice place.

Cheng recalled that in August last year, when he heard from Shi Yancong that the government would not let them run martial arts schools in the scenic area, they moved from wangzhigou village to Guodian village outside the scenic area. In May this year, the second month after the renovation, they moved to Liu village, Fudian Town, Yanshi City.

In Liu village, they rented an abandoned school. Due to the poor living environment and being far away from Shaolin Temple, a group of students left. Less than two months later, they were found by local police. A week later, they moved to Ruzhou.

However, somehow, in August this year, Shi Yanhuan returned to Dengfeng alone with several primary school members including Cheng Hao, and rented the Taekwondo Hall of Ding Lian in the northern suburb of the city. Two months later, the tragedy happened.

u25b2 on October 25, the landlord of Taekwondo Hall where Cheng Hao fell to the ground said that the monitoring probe on the roof was not plugged in at the time of the incident. Photographed by Zhang Huilan, reporter of Beijing News

According to public information, in the mid-1980s and around 2002, Dengfeng had dealt with non-conforming military schools. But in Liu Changmings view, the threshold for running a military academy has not been raised by a breakthrough until this years rectification.

Liu Changming said that before the rectification, those small martial arts schools distributed in the villages around the scenic spot had more than one qualification certificate of martial arts practice place, which was issued by Dengfeng martial arts management center. They could only teach martial arts courses, and did not have the qualification of nine-year compulsory education. However, the martial arts management center is not responsible for the management of the cultural courses of the martial arts school. Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports only manages the nine-year consistent martial arts school. The management vacuum for the illegal running of small martial arts schools is formed.

The reporter of Beijing News learned from Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports that in April this year, the people of martial arts management center officially transferred to Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of education and sports.

Liu Changming said that in this campaign, although the small martial arts school has been impacted, it is a good opportunity for the martial arts school who can stay, and a good thing for the long-term development of Dengfeng martial arts school, it is said that many people are eating the bowl of rice of Shaolin Temple, but they are smashing the signboard of Shaolin Temple.

For example, the original martial arts school was like a stream running freely without fixed river bed. Later, they would flow quietly on the river built by the government.

(Cheng Hao, Cheng Jie, Ding Lian, Zhang Sheng, Liu Changming and Tian Wei are pseudonyms)

Source: new Beijing News Author: Zhang Huilan Lei Yanchao editor: Han Jiapeng Peng nn9841