Bubble Maat blind box enthusiasts change complainants tide of goods consumption lead to regulatory early warning

 Bubble Maat blind box enthusiasts change complainants tide of goods consumption lead to regulatory early warning

Blind box enthusiast: quality problems take half a month longer

Blind box originated from Japan, usually installed around animation, film and television works, or dolls designed by designers alone, generally sold by series. The reason why it is called blind box is that consumers can not know the specific product style in advance of the toy box, which usually has a certain collection value. Uncertain stimulus will strengthen repeated consumption decision-making, so the blind box becomes addictive to consumers for a while.

On October 13, Ms. Cui purchased the Pan God Halloween series blind boxes through the bubble Maat tmall flagship store. The series includes 12 blind boxes, each of which costs 59 yuan, and the whole set costs 708 yuan. On October 15, after the arrival of the blind box, Ms. Cui and the fans who also bought the series of blind boxes found through wechat group communication that there is a lack of cards in the blind box, and there are some unqualified phenomena such as doll paint falling, doll dirty, etc. Contact the official customer service for many times, ask to take photos for many times and upload the doll photos, the return and exchange procedures cannot be implemented. After learning about many buyers dolls, Ms. Cui determined that this batch of dolls is not a single quality problem, but a batch of unqualified quality problems. This is a Halloween promotion product.

Ms. Cui said that the official customer service stressed that blind box products do not support return, which was not informed before she bought the product. In addition, she believes that the existing legal basis can be found in the consumer law. According to Article 24 of the law of the peoples Republic of China on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, if the goods or services provided by the business operators do not meet the quality requirements, the consumers may return the goods in accordance with the provisions of the state and the agreement of the parties concerned, or require the business operators to perform the obligations of replacement and repair.

On October 21, the pre-sale mode of bubble mart tmall flagship store on the double 11 of 2019 has been opened, and the problems of Ms. Cui and blind box enthusiasts have not been solved. As of October 30, Ms. Cui still received the solution to the product quality problem and did not receive the exact reply from the customer service.

During this period, Ms. Cui observed that the shopping interface of the series of blind boxes added a consumption prompt that handmade dolls do not support return and refund. The reporter dials the 400 official after-sales call of bubble mart for many times, which shows that customer service is all busy, and the official website shows that company phone is also in the state of no answer.

Blind box head enterprise: bubble Mart has been questioned about quality problems

According to the list of post-95 players hand cutting skills released by tmall in August, blind box has become the fastest growing and most expensive hobby of post-95 players. According to the data, nearly 200000 consumers spent more than 20000 yuan on the blind box last year, among which the hardcore players spent one million yuan a year.

Paopao mart, the store that Ms. Cui bought, is the head enterprise in the domestic blind box market. Molly, one of her dolls, has become one of the most popular dolls. In 2015, the company tried to sell sonnyangel, resulting in more than 200000 sales in the first year, bringing more than 30 million revenue, accounting for a third of the companys sales.

At that time, bubble Mart was a trend department store similar to famous and excellent products, but its profit growth began to stagnate. Only the toy category was still growing at a high speed, so it decided to turn its focus to trend toys. Founder Wang Ning collected favorite trend toys from users on Weibo. As a result, half of the comments were on a toy called Molly.

At the same time of the increase of sales volume, the bubble Maat encountered the product quality query of consumers. In July, the formaldehyde content of bubble Maat dolls was exposed to exceed the standard: some netizens said that the formaldehyde content of dolls collected at home measured by formaldehyde meter exceeded the standard, and even the formaldehyde content of dolls exceeded the safety standard by more than six times. Many fans questioned the safety of the doll.

In this regard, bubble Mart once stated that all bubble Mart products have obtained 26701 test reports according to national requirements before they go on the market, and all indicators comply with relevant national laws and regulations. In order to let consumers rest assured, the company has hired professional institutions to carry out special formaldehyde testing. Later, bubble Mart publicized relevant test reports on Weibo.

On August 9, Wang Ning issued a statement saying that bubble Mart shut down thousands of links to sell fake goods and sued many enterprises in response to the fake problem. But I didnt expect that many consumers began to carry out organized online and offline malicious attacks on bubble Mart recently.

Ms. Cui said that she is surrounded by rational blind box lovers. She will not buy fried blind boxes at a high price, but simply likes to collect these lovely dolls. She collects a set of blind boxes every month, because she has no special pursuit for limited amount and hidden type. For one and a half years, the monthly cost of blind boxes is about 800 yuan. If you want to make money from this, she thinks it is almost impossible, and suggests starting from her own hobbies.

According to the public opinion of the consumer market and financial market on the high price fried blind box of bubble mart, in the article what is the essence of blind box? in mid October, the co-founder of bubble mart, Sid, once made a special explanation. He believes that there are cognitive biases between the consumer market and the investment market on the blind box fashion culture.

According to sider, bubble mart is constantly optimizing the extension of blind box, and IP, supply chain, channel and overseas market are further distributed to form an industrial closed loop. In the future, bubble Mart may become Disney in China, he predicted

Supervision: preventing the financial risk of tide culture

In fact, since this year, with the rise of tide culture, it has attracted some capital to enter the arena. Taking ChaoXie as an example, according to the monitoring of dianshubao of ECOSOC, in the first half of 2019 alone, the three trading platforms of poison app, nice and discerning goods raised more than 1.2 billion yuan, while the discerning goods alone absorbed 1.26 billion yuan, and poison app has completed three rounds of financing this year.

For a long time, the fried shoe ring originated from sneaker culture, mainly due to the rise of basketball shoes. In recent years, with the rising level of consumption, the culture of sneakers has also been well known. Businesses promote Sneakers by launching co branding, customization, limited quantity, stars carrying goods and other ways, making fans chase after them, and pushing less expensive but very scarce products to the secondary market. In April, Jordan Asias largest flagship store opened in Shenzhen. Hundreds of people lined up in the rain to grab the limited AJ. The event was amazing.

On October 16, Shanghai Branch of the peoples Bank of China issued a financial briefing entitled guard against the upsurge of fried shoes and guard against financial risks, reminding relevant institutions to guard against the hot drum game of capital. Among them, the most noteworthy issues include: first, the fried shoes trade shows a trend of securitization, with a huge daily trading volume; second, some third-party payment institutions provide installment payment and other leverage services for the fried shoes platform, and the admission of leverage funds promotes financial risks; third, the operation of black box, once the platform runs, it is easy to cause mass incidents.

In fact, similar to the fried shoes mode, the tide culture represented by blind box also has such financial risks.

Industry insiders say that a toy with a cost less than 10 yuan is fried to several thousand yuan under the hype of businesses and scalpers. Someone pulled out the quotation of the blind box factory. If some brands purchase 3000 sets of blind boxes, the unit price is 13 yuan, and the price of some mainstream brands is lower. Compared with the price of 59 yuan and 69 yuan, the profit margin is very high, and many second-hand trading markets are higher. The highest premium of fried blind boxes is nearly 40 times once aroused heated discussion.

No matter how the contents of the blind box change, this kind of blind pumping mode full of uncertainty has been tried repeatedly. Blind box has been on fire in China for two years. No one knows how long the boom will last.

As an ordinary consumer, Ms. Cui doesnt care about the market scene or the planning of bubble Maat. She thinks, I just hope that in view of the batch quality problem of this series of blind boxes, in the face of our ordinary blind box enthusiasts, as a consumer of bubble Maat, we can get a positive solution.

Source: China Quality Wanlixing editor: Guo Chenqi, nbj9931