President of Syria: if Turkey does not withdraw, there is no alternative to war.

 President of Syria: if Turkey does not withdraw, there is no alternative to war.

Xinhua news agency, Damascus, October 31 - Syrian President Bashar Assad said on October 31 that the agreement reached between Russia and Turkey on the situation in northern Syria is temporary, if Turkey does not leave Syria, then there will be no choice but war..

Source: Dongfang IC

Bashar said in an interview with Syrian state television on the same day that the Russian Turkish agreement has positive aspects. It has restrained Turkeys ambition to occupy more Syrian territory, reduced Syrias losses, and created conditions for the liberation of northern Syria in the short term.

He said that this agreement is not a long-term plan. If Turkey does not leave Syria for one day, the negative impact of its military presence cannot be eliminated. If all forms of political means fail to achieve the results we want, then there is no choice but to resort to war, he said

Bashar said that the Syrian government and the Kurdish armed Syrian democratic army have reached an agreement. The government will not only send troops to the Kurdish armed evacuation area, but also gradually restore management and services in the area, the ultimate goal is to fully restore government control..

On October 9, Turkish forces entered northern Syria to fight Kurdish forces. The Syrian government condemned the action and said it would take all legal means to fight against it. On Tuesday, Russia and Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding, stipulating that Kurdish armed personnel and their equipment should be withdrawn to the field 30 kilometers south of the Turkish Syrian border within 150 hours from 12:00 on the 23rd. Russian Defense Minister sauigu said on the 29th that Kurdish forces in Syria had withdrawn from the region before the deadline.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Li Zaixing