Su -34 fighter appeared on the highway and the US media was surprised.

 Su -34 fighter appeared on the highway and the US media was surprised.

Su-34 fighter planes on the highway (source: aviation scientist)

Overseas on November 1: wait What? What is the Su-34 doing on the road? The aeronauticist, an American professional aviation website, found the rare scene on October 31: no one will be surprised if the plane is on a trailer. But Su-34 drives on its own wheels. Only in Russia...

Aviation experts pay attention to a video of the Su-34 fighter plane traveling on the Voronezh highway, which was shot by a dash cam. As can be seen from the video, a Russian Su-34 dual engine two seat tactical attack aircraft was towed on the Russian highway.

Su-34 fighter conforms to the characteristics of Syrias 2015 level series (source: aviation scientist)

As can be seen from the photos, the wing of the plane has been removed, possibly for the convenience of transportation. Aviation scientist noticed the mission mark on the aircrafts nose, and judged that it may be one of the aircraft deployed to Syria at the end of 2015. According to the article, the nose number, overall gray upper surface and light blue lower surface all conform to the mark of Su-34 Syria 2015 grade.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, the Su-34 fighter bomber is mainly used to attack ground and air targets, and can carry out missions around the clock. The aircraft is equipped with a highly intelligent anti-jamming and defense system. The aircraft has a maximum range of 4000 kilometers, a maximum speed of 1900 kilometers per hour and a maximum external load of 8 tons.

Su-34 fighter planes on the highway (source: aviation scientist)

The author of the aviation scientist article speculates that the aircraft that was encountered by chance is likely to be sent to Voronezh for maintenance, because the aircraft manufacturer is located there. Before the snow covered roads, Russians are moving unsuitable planes from buturnovka to Voronezh, said Alex, a senior aviation expert

Aviation scientist also asked another informant, Stefano de USO, to prove it. Stefano looked up a link to an article related to the incident, and quickly looked at the map and found that the publishers geographical location, buturnovka, was only 200 kilometers away from Voronezh.

Stefano also found that the plane involved in the accident occurred on September 6, 2019. The pilots mistake led to a collision over the Lipetsk area, and a special committee is currently studying the details of the accident, TASS said in a previous report

At the end of the article, the aviation scientist concluded: we finally found the answer in the mysterious scene of Voronezh highway. Why is the coverage of Russian aviation always so fascinating and full of interesting surprises.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Zaixing, nbjs9026