Huawei HR control! Employees working overtime for 160 hours are suspected of fraud and forced to cry

 Huawei HR control! Employees working overtime for 160 hours are suspected of fraud and forced to cry

Editor: Lao Na

On October 30, Hu Ling, an employee of the human resources department of Huawei 2012 laboratory, posted a long post on the Huawei voice forum under her real name to report her mentor Yang Ruifeng and HR Gao Yans various lazy and derelict policies. More details point directly to the HR policy orientation and Huaweis corporate culture. This post has aroused hot discussion on different social platforms. In the pulse voting, 77.5% of the respondents thought that their tutors were obviously negligent.

In the post, for example, Hu Ling said that some employees go to the gym for exercise when they work overtime in the evening. Yang Ze, the tutor, thinks that in this case, its called attendance fraud when its small, and business fraud when its large, and let everyone (HR people) dig hard to find out big problems.

In response, Hu Ling disagreed, saying that R & D brothers take their own rest time to work overtime free of charge. They dont pay for one thing and dont take a rest. Cant they exercise for a while?? If not, why does the company build so many gyms?

When employees work overtime on their own, they are regarded as rowing and faking? At the end of the long post, Hu Ling, as HR, appealed: I would like to advise you guys not to believe in HR. They have no integrity.

At present, the above posts can not be found in Xinsheng community. But a user who claimed to be a former employee of Huawei commented: its really the first post of my heart, with 860000 views in three hours..

There are too many melons in this long post. The city community first made clear the relationship between the characters in the next post: the informant Hu Ling is the HR of Huawei 2012 laboratory, who is the employee vitality experience officer, responsible for solving the 25000 + R & D work experience problems (such as overtime, shuttle bus, canteen, etc.). Yang Ruifeng, the informant, is Hus mentor and leader. Gao Yan is a female colleague who was transferred to help Hu. The following are the main information points of the post:

2. Gao shut down for a month, and wrote a working mechanism, which is basically the operation mode of Hus previous work, but he has to hand over his Espace account (Espace may be a working account, which is used to send the public email to all employees, and then reply one by one with Espace to solve the problem one by one)

3. By the end of July, Hu Ling had used this kind of communication method to solve the feedback problems of 193 R & D colleagues, all by herself. (until the organization doesnt agree with this way of working and its really hard to hear that manuscript)

5. Before investigating the overtime data of employees, Yang said that the overtime data had been reduced for a long time. Hu found that the overtime data was significantly higher, and Yang was lying. The final investigation report will be handed over to Yang, who will not try and distribute it.

7. Yang asked Hu to hand over the interview record and list with the employees, which involved sensitive issues fed back by the employees. Hu was worried about the protection of the R & D employees and that the employees would be wearing small shoes. He vowed not to hand in, and Hu was forced to cry in the corridor.

8. Yang is a senior employee relations expert whose main performance is to deal with emergencies. If a brother is exhausted, he can find a way to make the company irresponsible.

10. Gao is the only one who works in a different place in 2012 human resources department. For several months, he has been taking up working time to commute from Xian to Shenzhen. As an HR to deal with employee relations, he doesnt spend a minute on employees and turns around leaders all day. ,

12. Hu said: I am not a great man of high morality, but I am willing to protect the dream of changing the world because every name is followed by ten years of hardship. I dont care about myself even if I finish this job.

According to the screenshot on the Internet, at 19:26 p.m. on October 30, Huaweis 2012 human resources department came out to comment that after receiving the feedback from employees complaints, the human resources department of 2012 laboratory has made an independent investigation of the companys supervision system in advance this afternoon. At present, the working group has been formally established and has started work. Please supervise the employees.

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