I am married and have children, but I have to talk about extramarital affairs with after 00 boys.

 I am married and have children, but I have to talk about extramarital affairs with after 00 boys.

My husband told me that he planned to open a shop and start a business at the end of the year. I thought he was trying to make money to support his family, but I had other ideas, which made me feel a little ashamed and bored.

I decided to try to start a new relationship. Although I know its not right, and Ive thought that a new relationship may not last long, I really dont have expectations for my husband now. Im tired of this relationship. I cant make more than five contacts a month. What should I do?

General answer:

On the issue of infidelity, I never talk about whether it is moral or not. In the field of psychology, I only regard it as a question of personal values and personal choice, so lets see how your choice is.

You dont feel for your husband. He doesnt live up to your expectations and lives in two separate placesu2014u2014

But your husband wants to start a business and open a shop. He is very enterprising and wants to support his family and make money. From this point of view, he has a sense of responsibility.

There is no deep hatred between the two people, but when they reach the burnout period of marriage, they adjust their mentality and ways of getting along with each other, which is not a smooth transition, and there is no need to divorce easily.

Whose marriage is not always full of passion, whose other half is not always tender and considerate. If you divorce simply because of this small problem, I think its a fuss.

Lets see your after-00 lover again.

A 19-year-old boy, who has just finished adolescence, either does not understand how love is going on and how to bear the responsibility, or experiences too complicated to be greasy too early, and doesnt care about what he loves or doesnt love at all. He runs straight and bumps, regardless of the consequences.

He not only ignored his obligations and responsibilities as a father, but also played with fire to destroy the integrity of another family.

With all due respect, he has no heart, not necessarily so bad, but at least he has only his own needs.

So he didnt take care of his ex girlfriends unmarried son for the rest of her life, so when he was a father, he didnt want to play and fall in love. Falling in love is not the original sin, but its really wrong to flirt with married women.

Objectively speaking, in the personality dimension, your husband wins the little lover. What can you get when you are with such an immature and impulsive little lover?

Maybe he can obtain these gratifications for a while, even if they are fleeting. He is merciless to his predecessors and children. Why do you become the one who is specially cared for?

You have a bunch of fetters tied to you. Your marriage and your children are your trump card. Can you afford to talk about extramarital love with a 19-year-old boy who is impulsive? Are you serious again?

No matter together or apart, he wont lose anything. What you lose may be marriage, custody of children, trust of family and friends, and your good reputation.

Dont tell me what is true love. Save it. When you are dissatisfied with marriage, see who is true love.

You dont have to be ashamed of your husband. You should be sorry for yourself. When you are 26, you should have a little brain to reason with.