There are 100 men willing to give you 50 yuan, and 1000 men willing to give you 50 yuan, which one to choose

 There are 100 men willing to give you 50 yuan, and 1000 men willing to give you 50 yuan, which one to choose

He was from the county. He fell in love for the first time. Sometimes it was very difficult to talk with him. He felt that he could not understand some things, but he was generous to me. I could see his responsibility and responsibility. His familys economic conditions were average. He belongs to a person who has 100 yuan and will give me 50 yuan.

My ex boyfriend told me that his family agreed after he knew that I had found my boyfriend. If I wanted to, he could marry me immediately. The wedding rooms were all ready.

My ex boyfriend and I are designers. I have no barrier to communicate with him. He can read what I think directly from my eyes. Only according to his performance in the past, I think he belongs to his own 1000 yuan, and is willing to give me 50 yuan.

But what he told me now made me think that he finally seriously considered our future life, even childrens education. He said that he would give me the salary card, and I only need to give him the living expenses.

General answer:

Long time no see boyfriend two choose one problem came again, I envy still, some choose always happy.

Today, Im going to vote for my ex boyfriend, and Im going to say sorry to my ex boyfriend: sorry.

Its not that you are not good enough, but that you should find a girl who has only you in mind and loves you as well.

Obviously, the questioner is not the girl.

Since I love my ex boyfriend in my heart, I shouldnt have agreed to the current courtship so hastily. At the beginning, I made it clear that it was unfair to take him as a ferry man in the healing period.

Im not accusing you. People may always want to grasp a life-saving straw in the painful period of lovelorn. Its instinct.

But when the ship that can really save you comes, you are reluctant to get on the ship, but often not because that straw is most suitable to float with you in the sea and depend on each other, but because there is a mixed emotion of gratitude and guilt, which makes you unable to make such a decisive choice.

But we cant live a life without instinct. We always need to be rational.

The comparison you mentioned is quite interesting. One man is willing to give you 50 yuan for 100 yuan, and the other man is willing to give you 50 yuan for 1000 yuan. You think this is the gap between two peoples love for you.

In fact, how do you get 50 yuan? It doesnt make any difference to you, but you care who has no reservation for you.

If from this point of view, ex boyfriend really lost, but you go to compare the percentage of two people to you, and use who pays more to evaluate who you should choose, which is also a matter of consideration!

You and your ex boyfriend have not been able to dig their hearts and lungs. They are sincere. From this point of view, I think you are a good match.

Let me make it clear that the reason why you should choose your ex boyfriend is that you mentioned another point - the ex boyfriend is what you love, but the current boyfriend makes you feel loved.

To live with a person who loves him deeply is called to fulfill others; to stick to life and follow what he loves is called to fulfill himself; to love each other and spend life together is to achieve each other.

Success or achievement, you choose!