Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin: happy marriage, just make breakfast

 Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin: happy marriage, just make breakfast


Yesterday, I saw this video. Zhang Jin exposes a video of his wife Cai Shaofen making breakfast for himself, and sweet notes: Zhangs style: a good day starts with a simple and delicious breakfast. Dont forget, Cai Shaofen is still eight months pregnant. Later, the empress forwarded the micro blog. And jest boast: virtuous woman! Such a loving couples interaction is really envious of others.


All of a sudden, I thought of this sentence: happy marriage or not, just make breakfast. Yes, Zhang Xinyi is quite different from Yuan Hong. Yuan Hong has been busy with housework and children since he made breakfast. He is so willing that everyone is jealous of Zhang Xinyi. She didnt make breakfast or do housework. The marriage of Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi is also happy.

What about CAI Shaofen? Why dont you think shes miserable. Zhang Jin didnt make breakfast for her. Even if she had to work so hard, the husband didnt love her at all. Dont forget, Cai Shaofen has Zhang Jins baby in his stomach. No, No. Its not like this. You need to know that its also a kind of happiness to have a loving breakfast with your beloved.


Cai Shaofen is preparing breakfast carefully for Zhang Jin. How could Zhang Jin not shoot video carefully for CAI Shaofen? The camera recorded the whole process of CAI Shaofen making breakfast. Netizens commented that every frame was beautiful, and the small cards of Max and ADA were inexplicably stuffed with dog food. The two have been married for 11 years, showing their love and happiness is such a high-end atmosphere. Empress, its really the empress.

Netizens were also stimulated by love, and left messages saying: some said fireworks in the world, you have me. Some said, what is a partner? Firewood and rice, oil and salt, wooden fence. Can you be specific? Coarse tea, light rice, handgrip. Can you be more specific? And you. Anyway, todays share of dog food is in Jin enjoy manfen. Looking at the breakfast full of color, fragrance and happiness on the screen