China Cup Sui Wenjing / Han Congs first show in the new season Bruce wind short program

 China Cup Sui Wenjing / Han Congs first show in the new season Bruce wind short program

World champion - Sui Wenjing / Han Cong: the first show of the new season

Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, the worlds best double skater and defending champion, will present two sets of programs with different styles and different interests in the China Cup. After years of carving and honing, the two men have become more and more perfect in art. The music style they control is more and more extensive. The performance contains exciting power. At the China Cup, the new season short program bluesdeluxe of the world champion group will be unveiled. When they won the world championship for the first time in 2017, their short program of Bruce style attracted peoples attention and was one of their representative works. Once again perform the blues style, how the arrangement will be innovative, and what kind of breakthrough the two will seek in performance and charm, we look forward to.

In terms of free skating, rainin your black eyes, which helped them to play perfectly and win the world championship again last season, will remain. As a rare and wonderful program in recent two years, it has unique design, distinct level contrast and surging tension. It is believed that Sui Wenjing / Han Cong will depict more details and spread more fervent emotions, and the audience will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and shock in a short distance.

U.S. champion Peng Cheng / Jin Yang: looking forward to further improvement

Last season, Peng Cheng / Jin Yang performed very well. He won silver in the Grand Prix finals and finished fourth in the world championship with nearly zero mistakes. This season, they changed two new programs and just won their first Grand Prix in the US.

The short program Alegria continues the past short program of the two people, which is witty, funny and full of personality style, and is easy to perform.

In contrast, free skating cloud map brings us new challenges and more expectations. The film involves the profound theme of human nature, and the original sound music freely selected also uses Bachs Fugue works, which makes the program have a unique style. In the face of different themes and design styles from the past, how to explore the depth of interpretation and find the cut-off point of emotional projection and expression, they need to constantly ponder and perfect with the depth of the season. It is hoped that Peng Cheng / Jin Yang can play a stable role in the China Cup and continue their upward momentum. It is also hoped that through such a set of free skating, their performance skills will benefit again.

Fierce competition among multinational players

In addition to the two pairs of famous players in China, many other pairs are close in strength, and ranking will be more dependent on on on-the-spot play.

Italian veteran della Monica / guarise has not played in the challenge at the beginning of the season due to her shoulder injury. In recent years, they have achieved steady and rising results. Last season, they reached the Grand Prix Finals again, with rich experience. Although the female partner is in the process of recovery after injury, she has recently recovered various technical movements in training. If she can perform normally, the two are still the main candidates for medals.

Source: Netease sports Author: China Cup figure skating Grand Prix editor in charge: Lu tinggu ns5242