Competition for mens singles in Huahua China Cup

 Competition for mens singles in Huahua China Cup

There are many suspense about the podium

In fact, many medal competitors in this mens singles, including Jin Boyang, do not have much room for fault tolerance. The success or failure of a difficult four-way jump may change the ranking to a large extent. In addition, this season, all the players have improved the difficulty configuration, which is also the coexistence of opportunities and risks. The competition for the podium seats can be confusing.

Keegan messaging, a veteran Canadian, often gives people a sense of freedom. He has plenty of gliding power, excellent jumping height, and tried to hook around in the challenge at the beginning of the season to increase competitiveness. Last seasons programme was impressive in its relaxed and witty style, and this year he added more lyricism to the programme. If he can continue the form and stability of the autumn classic not long ago, he will show strong competitiveness in the China Cup. ?

Keeganmessing? (Canada)

Matteo Rizzo, an Italian player who just won the Shanghai Super Cup gold medal in early October, has become more visible in the international competition of Beijing cycle. Smooth rotation, clean body execution and relatively stable performance are all the factors that have helped him to improve his performance in the past year. This time, Rizzo will bring a colorful flamenco free slide, and it is likely to continue to challenge this years newly incorporated difficulty action: jumping around the back outer knot ring. However, for the new complete set of configuration, his control level is still a little insufficient. Whether there is a better on-site completion remains to be seen.

Matteorizzo (Italy)

The Winter Olympic season in Pyeongchang began with chejun Hwan, a rising Korean player in the adult group, who has a good performance in gliding, performing and dancing. Last year, he became the first male singles player in Korean history to win medals in the Grand Prix and the Grand Prix finals. This year, he is also taking on a higher jumping difficulty. At the beginning of the season in the B-level competition, Che junhuan short program into two four weeks, free skating and try to complete the difficult after the point ice jump around. But its not easy to hit high scores. The problem he faces is how to transform the theoretical configuration into practical implementation. Just finished the United States station car junhuan ranking is not good, I hope he can adjust the China cup to a good condition.

Che junhuan (South Korea)

Tanaka criminal (Japan)

Yan Han is looking forward to another success

Other players:

Andreilazukin (Russia)

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