Manchester Uniteds Premier League forward-looking: Rushfords bravery and Red Devils improvement

 Manchester Uniteds Premier League forward-looking: Rushfords bravery and Red Devils improvement

Belligerent record

The two teams have only 16 games against Manchester United, 11 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, of which the advantage of 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses away from Manchester United is not great. Eight matches in the Premier League have been 6-1, 1-1, 1-1 in the Premier League, after two league matches in which Manchester United beat Bournemouth.

Rushford is brave when he is ashamed

Rushford has been criticised for his performance this season, with a penalty against Norwich in the last round. However, after the penalty, Rushford was brave after being shamed. First, he made up for Norwichs goal. Then, in this weeks Carling Cup match with Chelsea, Rushford took the penalty under pressure and scored a wonderful free kick from the elevator ball to help Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-1 away from home. Now Rushford should be confident. He will continue to play a key role in Uniteds attack.

Machal increases Uniteds attacking energy

Manchester United beat Norwich away in the last round to win the League away for the first time this season, which has a lot to do with machals recovery and starting. Machal, who has the ability to hold the ball on his back, pass the ball and has a wide range of activities, plays in the center, which can effectively disrupt the opponents defense line, making Manchester United greatly increase the threat of attack in front of the battlefield. Maybe because Machar has been injured for a long time, last round Rushford, James and Machar are not skilled in cooperation, and the attack power of this game still has hope to improve.

Fred opened up?

When borgba was just absent due to injury, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave Mathieu the same opportunity as Fred. Fred seized the opportunity. Borgba is expected to be absent until December. Before that, Fred should be the starting midfielder of Manchester United. Fred was Manchester Uniteds most important signing last summer, but last season was a nightmare. His maladjustment to the premier league made his performance totally unworthy of Manchester United. But recently Fred seems to be getting used to the Premier League, playing better and better. In the last round of the league and the midweek League Cup, Fred has played well, maybe better he is still behind.

Injury list

Bournemouth injury: Brooks (midfield), Stanislas (midfield), Daniels (guard) suspension: None

Manchester United injury: ban Yi (guard), Mensa (guard), dalout (guard), bogba (midfield), Luke Shaw (guard), tuanzebe (guard), Mattic (midfield) suspension: None

Forecast first

Bournemouth (442): rumsdale / Smith, cook, AK, Rico / Harry Wilson, BILLIN, Lerma, Fraser / Joshua king, karum Wilson

Manchester United (4231): de GEA / WAN pisaca, lindloff, Maguire, Ashley young / mctominay, Fred / James, Pereira, Rushford / machal

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